Christine before and after

As a Weight Loss Hypnotherapist I am often asked the question ‘does it really work?’ My answer is ‘not always’.

So you may ask yourself where does it work and where might it not work? In this Blog I outline my opinions. I encourage you to bear these in mind before you book in with a Weight Loss Hypnotherapist.

Where Weight Loss Hypnosis Might Fail

  1. Where the client lacks self motivation to take action between sessions and make lifestyle changes.
  1. Where there is a lack of rapport between the client and the Weight Loss Hypnotherapist.
  1. Where the client perceives Weight Loss Hypnosis as a magic wand.
  1. Where the Weight Loss Hypnotherapist lacks the training and experience in treating weight loss clients.
  1. Where the client deliberately sabotages the process of Weight Loss Hypnosis.

Where Weight Loss Hypnosis Can Work Very Successfully

  1. Where there is motivation on the part of the client and the Weight Loss Hypnotherapist.
  1. Where the client is inspired and motivated by the style and substance of the Weight Loss Hypnotherapist.
  1. Where the Weight Loss Hypnotherapist supports the client between weekly weight loss hypnosis sessions.
  1. Where the client takes action as agreed with the Weight Loss Hypnotherapist.
  1. Where the client is overly sceptical of weight loss hypnosis as a process to begin with.

There is no doubt that Weight Loss Hypnotherapists can deliver a massively successful result for their clients. However, it is essential that clients recognise the reality of weight loss hypnosis before embarking on a process of weight loss hypnotherapy. Take Christine as an example who is a Board Advisor to the Association of Weight Loss Hypnotherapists. Christine lost 10 stone in weight using weight loss hypnosis and I was delighted to support her.

The reason for the success of the weight loss hypnosis was because she was committed to the process, took action, kept in contact with me between sessions, and used the tools provided. If you are looking for a Weight Loss Hypnotherapist do bear in mind the criteria set out above. Doing so could be the difference between getting slimmer or indeed getting fatter.

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