I love being a weight loss hypnotherapist and I gain a great deal of satisfaction when a client achieves fantastic weight loss results and is transformed into feeling and looking fabulous. Here is a little snippet into the life as Your Weight Loss Whippet where I use a combination of weight loss hypnotherapy and motivational coaching to help individuals to achieve their ideal weight.

A Day of the Whippet – Being The Weight Loss Hypnotherapist


Wake up and have a filling breakfast of porridge or granola to keep me satisfied and full.


Check my diary for the day and update my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn posts offering advice and tips on weight loss. I write a blog on Tips To Control Food and continue with some more admin tasks.


I continue writing a book targeted for the Asian community which will be out next year.


Head off to my clinic in Leicester where I meet with a client that would like to be on my Asian Exclusive Weight Loss Programme. This is her first session after having a Skype consultation with me. She feels at ease as I do her medical case history and a case history of what she is like around food. I explain that she would be supported throughout the programme to ditch the excuses and to help her to find continued motivation to help her to shed the weight. I explain what weight loss hypnotherapy is and how I will use my motivational coaching skills to help her to slim down. She is given an 80/20 exclusive Asian meal plan which I go over in detail and we finish off with an authoritarian hypnotherapy session. She is given three immediate motivational tools to help her to feel enthused during the week and I explain my emergency SOS service if she encounters any challenges. I explain my daily motivational text messaging service in between sessions and she is left feeling full of energy knowing that she finally has support to ditch the weight.


I Skype a client in Australia who is on the second week of my Asian Exclusive Weight Loss Programme. I am still getting used to the international times! We speak in Punjabi as I continue to coach her and motivate her to continue to drive her weight loss. She has lost 5lb and she tells me that she is finding my exclusive Asian menu plan easy to follow as there are no drastic changes that she has had to make. This is also easy to fit around her family. We agree on speaking again the following week and I continue my daily contact with her.


I switch off from being Leicestershire’s Weight Loss Whippet and I sleep for the night.

I love what I do and seeing my clients.

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Manjit works with a diverse clientele in her busy practice in Leicester. Having high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease in Manjit's family, she had to alter her eating habits accordingly, so she created the Asian Exclusive Weight Loss Programme. For more detials visit Manjit's website: www.yourweightlosswhippet.co.uk