So, in the past few weeks, yet another piece of research bemoaning the draining effect that the obese and overweight have on our beleaguered NHS has appeared in national newspapers and on TV.  Research by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, looked at the long term benefits of bariatric surgery in the UK.  Their conclusion is that currently such surgery is available to less than 1% of people who could benefit from it.   Their recommendation seems to be that weight loss surgery should be made available to more people, as the £9,000 cost of surgery is a drop in the ocean to the money the NHS currently spends on treatment of weight related diseases such as high blood pressure and type II diabetes.

Is weight loss surgery really the best the NHS can offer its obese patients?

I don’t doubt their figures, or the costs savings, what I do object to quite strongly is the idea that the best and only option is to offer drastic, potentially risky invasive procedures before all other avenues have been explored.  When I was over 24 stone, with high blood pressure and type II diabetes and my GP offered me weight loss surgery, I was mortified.  The idea that I was so unable to personally control my food intake that my only option was to further risk my life by having a general anaesthetic to physically restrict my eating was, to me, shameful.

I knew there and then that I would never have the surgery.  I’d die from my weight related issues before I’d subject myself to that.  Part of me also saw surgery as somehow taking the easy option, turning over the responsibility for my behaviour to a surgeon.  Of course weight loss surgery works for some people, but I’ve also seen real horror stories of the side effects some experience and for me the idea that once I’d had the surgery there was no going back, that I may never again enjoy eating food normally was terrifying.  I also knew that what was wrong with me wasn’t about the food; it was about what was in my head.  Therefore the idea of hypnosis for weight loss appealed to me.

Weight Loss Hypnosis

What I fail to understand is why, when weight loss hypnosis has many supporters in the medical profession, a course with a weight loss hypnotherapist trained to specifically treat people with weight and food issues, and with a proven track record is not offered as an option way before surgery is considered.  Before he offered me the weight loss surgery, my GP did also refer me for counselling.  One of the counsellors I saw believed that hypnosis for weight loss was extremely effective.  However NICE guidelines did not allow her to offer that to me, even though she was a trained weight loss hypnotherapist.  She said she could counsel me as support before and after weight loss surgery though!  That, to me, made no sense at all.

Saving money and saving lives

A good weight loss hypnotherapist could potentially save the NHS a huge amount of money, without the real risks associated with surgery.  More than that though, the increased self-esteem, the boost to a client’s ego, the massive changes in self-motivation and control over food can only be achieved by tackling the issues associated with emotional and habitual over-eating.  None of these issues are addressed through surgery alone.  Several failed attempts to lose weight with uninspiring weight loss hypnotherapists who wouldn’t have inspired a thirsty man to drink followed.  I didn’t lose any significant weight but still had faith that hypnotherapy was the way forward for me.

The day I made the decision to contact Steve Miller for help was the day my life changed.  From day one, he inspired me to believe in myself and my own ability to control my eating.  Personal responsibility, now there was an innovation!  Without being over-dramatic, the person who writes this blog today bears little resemblance to the person I was a year ago.  Yes I am some 10 stone lighter, but more, much more than that is who I am inside, how I now feel about myself.  I strongly believe my transformation would not have been achieved through weight loss surgery as the gremlins telling me I wasn’t good or strong enough to do this would still have been there in my head.  Taking personal responsibility, effective weight loss hypnosis and tough motivational coaching did.

As a former super morbidly obese woman I recommend weight loss hypnosis as the way to go. Let’s face it, if your mind isn’t in the right place, you will always be fat.

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Christine is a former client of Steve Miller. Working with Steve she lost an incredible 12 stone using his Authoritarian and Motivational Weight Loss Hypnosis & Coaching Model.