We live in a competitive business climate and given that more and more Hypnotherapists are coming to the market each month, it is essential your Weight Loss Hypnotherapy website stands out and wows your visitors. In this Blog I offer you seven key strategies to help ensure your website is oozing brilliance rather than beige.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Website Strategy 1: Brand Brilliantly

A cracking website needs strong branding. I love the challenge of turning a brand concept into a creative visual. The good news is that you can do so much with a Weight Loss Hypnotherapy website. Along with working with Steve Miller I am able to design the brand into a creative concept once he has briefed me on what his client’s needs are. Spend time thinking through your brand and consider what brand personality you want to portray via your website.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Website Strategy 2: Remember Less Is More

Visitors to your website want to know what you do, how you do it, proof you can do it, details of your fees and how to contact you. Keep your website waffle free and ensure key information is easy to retrieve. A packed website is a real turn off for visitors so remember to stick to the point rather than running off into adding lots of information visitors just don’t have the time to read.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Website Strategy 3: Ensure Ease Of Navigation

I am a firm believer in ensuring that a website is designed with logical navigation. This means having page buttons that say on the tin what the visitor will find by clicking on them, as well as appropriate pop ups and links to pages your visitors will be wanting to find. Think of it like a road map helping someone that is a bit lost; what the person wants is a map that is simple to follow.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Website Strategy 4: Use The Rule Of Three For Colours

You want your site to ooze creativity. However my recommendation is that you use three colours maximum. Too many colours and it looks messy and unprofessional. I always spend time talking through with clients what colours might work best in alignment with the brand as there is a real psychology to it. 

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Website Strategy 5: Use Bold Headings

As I design a website I am always interested to find out from my client what key information their ideal client will want to see. Having done this I recommend that the client builds the relevant information into key categories and then uses a bold heading per category. That not only helps in the construction of the design but also helps visitors to your website to quickly attain the information they need. Bold headings are therefore website critical.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Website Strategy 6: Use Video & Photos

The key goal of your website is to sell your products and services. I therefore recommend you use the power of video to get your message across on your website as well as using before and after photographs showing the transformation of your clients. Of course, always ensure you have expressed permission before posting them.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Website Strategy 7: Make Sure It’s Easy To Contact You

You will be massively surprised how difficult it often is to make contact via a website. Ensure your contact details are easily identified and use a contact form as opposed to an email address as this helps reduce your spam mail.

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Warwick Kay is the Creative Director and own of Adventure Graphics Ltd (www.adventuregraphics.co.uk). Warwick and his team have designed numerous websites for Clinical Hypnotherapists and pride themselves on delivering exceptional creativity and an all round design service. The company became the number one choice of website and associated design for the Hypnotherapy Business School in 2013 and more recently were appointed as business partner to the Association Of Weight Loss Hypnotherapists due to their creative genius, customer service and an understanding of the needs of Clinical Hypnotherapists.