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For most of my adult life I had been massively fat. I was always on some diet or other, lurching between binging and starving.  I would lose weight, only to gain it back along with loads more. I was depressed, had no self-esteem and was effectually sleep walking through my life.  I had type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure; I hated the person I’d become.  I felt I had no control over my eating and my appalling food habits. Like many in a similar place, I was constantly searching for a magic bullet, or a deep psychological reason for my behaviour, I asked doctors and therapists to control my eating because I couldn’t control it myself. Or that’s what I thought.

Whilst deep down I knew it wasn’t about what diet I chose, I still tried them all, every quick fix, faddy regime around.  Some were sensible but very prescriptive, some were downright dangerous, and despite the fact I am not stupid, in my desperation, I tried them all.  I know now that all they did was concentrate my mind on food, the last thing I needed to fixate on at 24 stone plus.

The wrong way to do it

I had seen Weight Loss Hypnotherapists before with little effect. I believed that it was all about what was in my head and had read about hypnotherapy for weight loss and believed that was the answer.  In my enthusiasm and naivety I leaped into a series of unsuccessful and expensive treatments with hypnotherapists, by and large I found them sympathetic yet uninspiring, trotting out tired, generic dialogue not specific to me and my issues.

I saw one therapist every other week for a year, he encouraged me to talk about my relationship with food and my perceived ‘psychological’ issues, without it seems any real notion of how to deal with them, each time he would record the session and give me the recording to listen to…..the only difference each week was the type of mood inducing music he set the session to!

Another took a very detailed life history from me, promising to tailor a specific a programme to my issues, and subsequently proceeded to read a generic script that could have been for anyone; I could have downloaded something similar from the internet for a lot less money.

By far the worst experience I had took place in a hastily converted garage, complete with spider’s webs and cat hairs, where at my first session, the therapist, had me lay me in a reclining chair/bed, wrapped me in a heated blanket and then wondered why I fell sound asleep during the session!  She also recorded the session and my snoring was so loud it drowned out her voice.  I remember playing it back and her having to raise her voice to be heard over the noise I was making.  I did laugh at this as it was hilarious to hear her struggle over my loud snoring but I was also mortified.  The point I want to make with all of the above is that I didn’t know any better and kept throwing good money after bad.

There is a better way

After each experience I was discouraged for sure but despite this, I didn’t lose faith in my belief that the key to weight loss was to get my head sorted.  I realise now that I wasn’t selective or discerning in my choice of therapist. I did no research into the credibility or evidence presented by those I was paying money to see.  I didn’t know that there were genuine weight loss hypnotherapists out there who offered evidence of their client’s success, who operated out of professional premises and could motivate and inspire me to shift the weight for good.

I then turned to the internet and found Steve Miller.  His website shouted professionalism and success.  Evidence in the form of photographic testimonials showing before and after photographs of people he had helped was impressive.  The narrative was straight forward without any of the waffle I’d found on other sites.  I was immediately drawn to him and the subsequent phone call with him made me want his help.  I realised that he wouldn’t take me on without a commitment from me to do my part in the process.  I had to convince him I was worth his time and effort.

Choose wisely

Steve used a combination of strongly worded hypnosis and blunt, no nonsense excuse busting techniques.  The tone was strong and uncompromising.  The 80/20 weight loss plan he advocates allows for occasional treats, is not too prescriptive and basically uses common sense!  Who would have thought that?  I went in with no expectation of success; previous attempts had taught me not to get my hopes up. However, I am now more then 10 stone lighter and my life has changed considerably, I am no longer depressed and sad, I have an energy and a confidence I don’t think I’ve ever had.

My advice to anyone looking for a hypnotherapist to lose weight is to do their research.  Look for evidence of success, if a therapist doesn’t have that or refuses to provide it when asked, run a mile!  Talk to them first, either by phone or in person to see if they seem right for you.  Don’t let distance necessarily be a huge obstacle if you find someone not that local to you; many of my sessions with Steve were conducted via Skype.

My 9 steps to finding the right weight loss hypnotherapist

  1. Do your research.
  2. Find a therapist whose style suits you.
  3. Look for someone who will offer additional support such as texts or Skype calls between sessions; this is invaluable for accountability.
  4. Look for and insist upon testimonials; evidence of success.
  5. Don’t go for the cheap and cheerful option –you get what you pay for.
  6. A busy therapist is likely to be a good one – if they say they can see you tomorrow be cautious.
  7. Look for a membership of an accredited hypnotherapist organisation.
  8. Unless it’s really your thing, avoid the airy fairy, crystal wielding practitioner.
  9. Finally, and I think most importantly; find someone who wants to grab you by the throat and fix you!

Hypnotherapy is a fantastic tool to help you finally get to grips with the issues that drive you to overeat,

By doing the appropriate research, being certain that they are right for you before you make a commitment, you will help ensure your success.

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Christine is a former client of Steve Miller. Working with Steve she lost an incredible 12 stone using his Authoritarian and Motivational Weight Loss Hypnosis & Coaching Model.