If you are a Hypnotherapist and want to build a successful business then you might want to seriously consider going down the weight loss route. Waistlines are expanding and as each week passes there is a realisation that losing weight is a mindset challenge. As you know, that is where hypnosis scores well.

So what do you need to do to build a hot and thriving weight loss hypnotherapy business?

1. Be firm in your decision today to go for it! Avoid faffing and take immediate action. Believe!

2. Create a website that is niched for weight loss. That will showcase you as someone that is serious about helping others to lose weight.

3. Engage audience. Do this by utilising three social media platforms namely Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

4. Work with 6 people initially and support them like you have never supported anyone before to help generate the results of your hard work. Before and after photos will elevate your status.

5. Create useful content through video. Showcase your talent through video so that people can see that you are worth working with.

6. Talk like an expert. In other words have conviction about your assertions and let people see that you know your stuff.

7. Keep building audience. Never stop building audience on your social media platforms, and transfer that audience onto your list.

8. Generate PR for your good work. Draft engaging press releases and build relationships with local journalists.

9. Deliver a top class service. Go beyond the call of just delivering a weekly session of weight loss hypnosis.

10. Run weight loss groups as these offer cost effective support to clients and an opportunity for you to gain clients.

11. Have great branding. Remember that your branding is not just about a logo; it’s also about the personality of your weight loss hypnosis business.

12. Market with your clients success at the forefront of your business. Your clients are your best sales people.

13. Ensure your free consultation is packed full of added value so that prospective clients want to work with you.

14. Host online clinics so prospective clients can see your talent at work.

15. Talk about the ‘pain’ within your marketing communications of being overweight so prospective clients relate to you.

16. Blog three times a week and ensure they are rich in substance to help your SEO.

17. Build your revenue streams by creating a product portfolio online.

18. Deliver a substantial amount of giveaway content to build up your relationship with prospective clients.

19. Have masses of self-belief and each day ensure that you deliver at least 3 concrete actions that grow your weight loss hypnosis business.

20. Create, develop and sell your own online e-course.

21. Just f*&king do it (JFDI). Go share your talent. You deserve it.

What Next?

Weight Loss  Hypnotherapists are now well placed to play their part in curbing the obesity epidemic. Furthermore it brings a win-win, in that you are able to help those desperately seeking support, at the same time as building a commercially successful hypnotherapy business. 

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