As well as hypnotherapy becoming popular amongst Asians in the UK, it is also growing in India, especially in larger cities such as Delhi and Mumbai where it is used to resolve various issues including weight loss. However, there is some belief amongst the Asian community that the hypnotherapist will keep them in a trance or they fear of the dangers they will face when under hypnosis. This is until they speak to the hypnotherapist who reassures them that no such things can occur whilst in hypnotherapy and the worst that can happen is that the positive suggestions given will not work.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

With such great results being achieved through weight loss hypnotherapy there are a lot of Asians that are intrigued to try this wonderful therapy so that they can regain control over food. In the Asian community there is a lot of emphasis around food, particularly in the summer when there are a lot of social gatherings, celebrations or parties. This is a time when these individuals can pile on the weight as they lack self-control when they see such big feasts. By the time they know it they are unable to get into their clothes, which most often get tighter and tighter resulting in a new larger wardrobe with fat clothes. Many will try anything in desperation to lose the weight and many will turn to weight loss hypnotherapy so that they can regain control over food and learn techniques on how they can manage their food temptations.

Choosing Your Weight Loss Hypnotherapist:

When enlisting support from a Weight Loss Hypnotherapist it is important to choose someone that has an understanding of your culture and the type of food that you eat. If the hypnotherapist does not have this understanding it can be hard for both therapist and client to form a relationship and your weight loss results may be slim. Some hypnotherapists have little knowledge of Asian food so they may not be able to guide you on foods to avoid or how to cook them healthily. It is like a similar concept of going for hypnotherapy treatment for anxiety, but the therapist specialises in stopping smoking. Your weight loss results will be greater if you enlist support from a hypnotherapist that specialises in that area.

Your Weight Loss Hypnotherapist will help you to regain control over food and should teach you self-hypnosis so when you are faced with food temptations you know exactly how to handle them in a positive way.

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Manjit works with a diverse clientele in her busy practice in Leicester. Having high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease in Manjit's family, she had to alter her eating habits accordingly, so she created the Asian Exclusive Weight Loss Programme. For more detials visit Manjit's website: www.yourweightlosswhippet.co.uk