Weight Loss Hypnosis

In summary weight loss hypnosis can be described as a process that facilitates a focused concentration conducive to the installation of positive suggestions. The suggestions are designed to help a client control food, enhance their self-motivation for safe weight management, and boost the client’s ego so that they feel more confident and richer in self-esteem, meaning they rely less on food for comfort.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapists

A good weight loss hypnotherapist will have undertaken a professional training, have built substantial experience of working with weight loss clients and be fully insured. They will also be a member of a professional body and offer a treatment programme that includes face to face sessions and other tools designed to help the client lose and manage their weight.

What Good Weight Loss Hypnotherapists Bring

1. A comprehensive understanding of the mindset and motivational challenges facing clients looking to lose weight.

2. Appreciation of emotional eating and how to support a client to manage it and move on appropriately.

3. Determination and enthusiasm to motivate clients to lose weight and stay on track long term.

4. Strong empathy balanced with a can do attitude and one that drives clients to let go of any excuses that may hinder their progress.

5. A recognition of what hypnotherapeutic approach to take with their client to help them lose weight and manage it moving into the future.

6. Full professional understanding of delivering a hypnosis session that is aligned to the client’s needs.

7. The skills and knowledge to design hypnotherapy and coaching protocols to help increase the self-esteem and confidence of their clients.

In addition the Weight Loss Hypnotherapist will, where appropriate, liaise with the clients GP and refer on to a more appropriate practitioner when needed.

10 Checks To Carry Out To Help You Find The Best Weight Loss Hypnotherapists

Check 1: Ensure the Weight Loss Hypnotherapist has undertaken a good professional training.

Check 2: Ask for evidence of capability. For example, ask to see client testimonials or before and after photographs.

Check 3: Make sure that the Weight Loss Hypnotherapist is fully insured.

Check 4: Ask for a complimentary consultation and if you feel inspired only then should you consider booking your programme with them.

Check 5: If the Weight Loss Hypnotherapist appears confident and knowledgeable then it will probably mean that they have the competence to do a good job for you.

Check 6: When it comes to price, you normally get what you pay for. I recommend you seek out those who charge towards the higher end, as it can mean they are the most successful.

Check 7: Ensure the Weight Loss Hypnotherapist offers support between sessions. This may include offering you an MP3 to listen to or perhaps a text messaging service to help keep you on track.

Check 8: Make sure you feel in rapport with the Weight Loss Hypnotherapist. You will be working closely with the Hypnotherapist so feeling comfortable with them is crucial.

Check 9: Ensure you feel comfortable in the environment in which the Weight Loss Hypnotherapist operates. If you are not comfortable then it’s less likely to be successful.

Check 10: Ask what follow up support will be offered. For example a good Weight Loss Hypnotherapist will probably offer a follow up complimentary review.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapists At AWLH

Full members of the Association Of Weight Loss Hypnotherapists have provided evidence of membership to a professional body, up to date insurance, and evidence of competence.

When you contact them, use the checklist above to help decide which Weight Loss Hypnotherapist you feel suits you best.

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