Hypnosis For Weight Loss – Being Part Of A Group

One of the best things about using Coaching and Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss is the variety of ways in which it can be delivered.

There is the intimacy and satisfaction of the one to one programmes where you can develop a meaningful relationship with your Hypnotherapist and coach over time, which will often last well after their programme has finished. There is also the entirely different dynamic of a group Master Class.

I love the buzz from standing in front of a group of people. What’s not to love? A captive audience there for the sole reason of wanting to learn a new way of thinking about food and it gives me the opportunity to expertly and passionately impart pragmatic strategies to help!

Weight Loss Hypnotherapists & What They Can Include

Of course there are some areas of Weight Loss Hypnotherapy that I believe would be unsuitable for group work, such as gastric band Hypnosis which should in my opinion always be conducted on an individualised basis. However the good news is that I believe for everything else, group Master Classes are a fabulous way to have a taster of what weight loss hypnotism and coaching is all about.

Who is it For?

Perhaps you don’t have the funds to embark on a one to one Hypnotherapy and Coaching programme right now, or you prefer the anonymity of a group, or perhaps you just want a taster of what is on offer. If that’s you, then I recommend the weight loss hypnotherapy Master Class approach.

The Aim

A one day class can give a great kick start to changing your mind set around food and eating, and the motivation to get on and do it. It’s what I like to refer to as a Boot (up the Backside) Camp!

What Can I Expect?

Something a bit different! Your feathers may be a little ruffled at first but your interest will be well and truly sparked. There should be a direct and challenging approach where excuses are blown out of the room. It’s not a weight loss club so it will be a refreshing change from the countless run of the mill weight loss groups where you are clapped for losing a measly pound and given sympathy when you fail! Your levels of motivation should be raised as you learn how to face your excuses head on, kick them into touch, and develop a real ‘can do’ attitude.

Practical Solutions

It’s no good just being talked at all day. A successful Master Class involves you having the chance to think through your own situation and discuss it with others. It’s also imperative that you come home with something tangible that you can use on a daily basis, such as techniques to help you to:-

  • reduce portion sizes
  • control emotional eating
  • increase willpower
  • keep motivated
  • make better food choices
  • boost your self confidence


We all know we learn best when we are relaxed. It’s imperative to have a friendly and welcoming atmosphere which includes plenty of humour and audience participation. Intimacy is key too – although if it is a group class it’s good not to have too many people so that everyone can have just a little bit of individual attention during the day.

Choose your “Master” Wisely

Everything about your Master Class should scream “Professional”, “Quality” and “Expertise”

  • Are they an expert in their field?
  • What experience do they have?
  • If your coach is fat are you going to value what they say if they can’t take control of their own weight?

Value for Money

You should leave feeling valued and with the offer of continued support. Perhaps some of the following may be offered to you:-

  • A special offer including discounts on other products
  • A free MP3 audio download
  • Access to a limited access group on Facebook
  • Regular newsletters

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After a long career in Financial Services, Fiona decided to retrain, initially, as a general Hypnotherapist. Soon after starting her practice in 2007, Fiona decided to specialise in Weight Loss and continued her studies in this area to include Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and a license to practice Gastric Band Hypnotherapy. She is now a Senior Qualified Hypnotherapist and has also trained extensively with, and is mentored by, Steve Miller. Fiona believes passionately in practicing what she preaches and maintains a healthy balance to her eating and consequently a stable weight. Fiona's coaching style manages to combine direct straight-talking coupled with a warm and energetic personality. She is not afraid to tell it as it is and to challenge her clients - in return she gives support in bucket loads. With a genuine desire to help her clients achieve their goals, nothing gives her greater pleasure than seeing their success. www.weightlossmindcoach.co.uk