Run up to Christmas – 3 tips to help your clients with Weight Loss Hypnosis

I work mainly as a hypnotherapy supervisor these days and most of my supervisees do weight loss hypnosis. Most of them dread the month of December. I notice all hypnotherapists have some worries about December; business can often slow down as the Christmas madness takes over. On top of that, clients can become stressed and lose the focus it takes to look after themselves.

For those hypnotherapists niching in hypnotherapy weight loss it can present even more extra challenges.

So what are they?

  • Clients going off track as Christmas parties take over.
  • Clients going off track as the stress of shopping and preparing takes over.
  • Clients not turning up to appointments or cancelling at short notice.

A Plan For Weight Loss Hypnotherapists

I put together a plan last year for my supervisees to help their hypnotherapy weight loss clients. It worked really well and turned a difficulty into an opportunity. It can help your clients to enjoy the festive season and still keep healthy, both mentally and physically. I would like to share these 3 things from the plan with you.

One: The scripts – “the film of the month”

  • Develop a script with strong elements of aversion called “January 2nd – the horror movie”. In a weight loss hypnosis session, take the client to this date and have them imagine they have overindulged mega style and put on tons of weight after the festive season. Really get them into the bad feelings, refer to the hangovers, the sugar overload and all the rest . . . Ask the client if it was worth it?
  • Develop another script “January 2nd The Hero wins”. Do some really positive future visualisation where the client had an enjoyable Christmas with some treats but they have made the good decisions and kept in control. Get them to imagine themselves, elegant, beautiful gliding through Christmas looking and feeling a million dollars. Focus on how good they feel both mentally and physically.

Two: The January goal

Get the client to choose something they want to do or wear by the second week of January. Get them to make a visual image of this and put it near where the Christmas treats are stored. Do a weight loss hypnotherapy session focusing on how they are going to achieve that January goal and how good they will feel when they make it. Build in an anchor around reaching that goal and encourage them to use that anchor when temptation strikes.

Three: Party survival guide

Write down what will help your individual client to stay in control (examples could be: choosing drinks more carefully, keeping up the exercise, having a day off after heavy drinking, having only a small piece of cake or pudding whatever suits the client.) Then text message them with their bespoke survival list. They can keep the message and refer to it at any time throughout the festive season.

You might even put all these ideas together and email your client list offering this help. Best of luck and enjoy YOUR Christmas season.

For more tips or help contact me annjaloba@btinternet.com

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Ann Jaloba has a spent her whole career writing, editing and authoring health and wellbeing journals, books, websites and magazines. She is a qualified therapist and supervisor and coaches and supports entrepreneurs who want to write for publication. With thousands of face-to-face client hours under her belt, Ann is is happy to share her wisdom and experience.