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Weight Loss Hypnotherapists Need To Do This

The world is constantly changing. E-marketing is vital if you want to sustain and grow your Weight Loss Hypnotherapy business and reach out in a variety of engaging ways to the millions of people struggling with their weight.

You can be the best Weight Loss Hypnotherapist there is, but if no-one out there knows of your existence or how successful you are – then the phone won’t ring and your diary will be empty. If your proposition is old fashioned and clumsy then your credibility will be shattered and your results mediocre.

Now it’s not impossible – but it is certainly pretty rare – to be gifted with both the skills needed to be a Weight Loss Hypnotherapist and to keep abreast of the modern world’s ever changing technology. I can recount many a tear of frustration shed and a tantrum thrown over all things technical. How to put free MP3 recordings on to my website and indeed how to record them in the first place! And don’t even talk to me about making amendments to my webpages I almost had to seek out therapy myself to help deal with the stress caused by that!!

Weight Loss Hypnotherapists

I have a message for all Weight Loss Hypnotherapists. What we all need is an affair with a Geek! I jest of course but it is imperative that we have a technical support that we can outsource the headaches to. And the result? No more struggling painfully and fruitlessly hour after hour. If I had an accountant to do my accounts, why on earth would I not out-source my techie stuff?

I desperately needed a Geek in my life. One of those nerdy types who lives in that shadowy world which is illuminated only by the glow of their computer screen. Geeks they may be, but what magical qualities they have. They are fluent in the ramblings of technically challenged Weight Loss Hypnotherapists – even when said therapist doesn’t speak a word of their impenetrable ‘geek speak’. Pay one of these gifted creatures a fair price and they will be your loyal champion against the perils of cyberspace and all it contains. So, once you have your prized Geek on board, what happens?

A Big Relief For Weight Loss Hypnotherapists

Having outsourced you will have the opportunity to:-

1) Have time to devote to creative marketing strategies. Nowadays I need only do the thinking behind it and lo and behold it appears magically translated into a website, a marketing campaign, or a downloadable e-book or audio.

2) With my mind free of worrying about all things technical, I am at liberty to do what I am best at – using Weight Loss Hypnotherapy to challenge, motivate and drive people on in their fight against fat.

3) With someone sorting out the background techie stuff a new world of opportunities start to unfold for Weight Loss Hypnotherapists. Online courses, ebooks, skype sessions – a whole host of ways in which to engage with the millions of people out there who need help losing weight. Geographical boundaries become irrelevant – as long as one speaks the same language then clients can come from all 4 corners of the globe – and they do!

4) Relief – Yes, huge relief for us Weight Loss Hypnotherapists. When those incomprehensible emails appear from Google telling you about upcoming changes, you know your geeky friend will have it covered.

My Geek is called Andrew Rondeau. He and I are very different people, inhabiting very different worlds, but he is one of the most valued and treasured people in my life. Yes, it’s a bit like an affair.

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After a long career in Financial Services, Fiona decided to retrain, initially, as a general Hypnotherapist. Soon after starting her practice in 2007, Fiona decided to specialise in Weight Loss and continued her studies in this area to include Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and a license to practice Gastric Band Hypnotherapy. She is now a Senior Qualified Hypnotherapist and has also trained extensively with, and is mentored by, Steve Miller. Fiona believes passionately in practicing what she preaches and maintains a healthy balance to her eating and consequently a stable weight. Fiona's coaching style manages to combine direct straight-talking coupled with a warm and energetic personality. She is not afraid to tell it as it is and to challenge her clients - in return she gives support in bucket loads. With a genuine desire to help her clients achieve their goals, nothing gives her greater pleasure than seeing their success. www.weightlossmindcoach.co.uk