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I love my holidays. For me, a holiday is a break from the norm, whether it’s time at home to potter around doing the things I enjoy or an all-out sunshine trip abroad. At a recent such break abroad I spent many an hour observing my fellow holiday makers – always through my dark sunglasses and generally from the comfort of my sunbed beside the pool.

From this vantage point I came to some conclusions.

Although the activity levels of the women appeared similar regardless of their size, the difference in their body confidence was glaringly apparent.

The more slender females took their time moving from sunbed to pool, assuredly sashaying to their place in the shallow end, interspersed with peacock like circuits of the poolside. They positively glowed with confidence – even their sunbathing positions screamed look at me. No overspills, no creases in the wrong places – nothing to hide and believe me they showcased their healthy physiques to perfection.

I then turned my attention to the larger ladies, most of whom were shrouded in colourfully concealing sarongs.

Their intentions to cool off in the pool involved whipping off these technicoloured bedsheets and making a lightning dash into the watery camouflage, head down all the while.

They appeared to spend an inordinate amount of time in the deep end, even joining in the deep end volleyball. I wondered if this had anything to do with a lack of body confidence – the need to conceal their bodies because they lacked confidence in their own skin. Their return to their sunbeds followed the same lightening haste, their sarongs tied back in place before they even had time to dry off.

As A Weight Loss Hypnotherapist It got me thinking.

How weight loss and becoming a healthy weight has a huge impact on our confidence. It’s not really about being able to wear the latest trend in bikini design, its more about our demeanour as perceived by the outside world. About having a mind-set for confidence. Even women who have had gastric band hypnosis or even surgery say that their self-belief is still low, because they haven’t adjusted their mind-set for success.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

The wonderful thing about motivational weight loss hypnotherapy is that our inner feelings become the primary foundations for building a mountain of confidence upon, which in turn generates the self-belief that our weight loss goals are attainable.

A strong authoritarian style of coaching in conjunction with weight loss hypnosis – tough love and handholding, if you like – ensures that you become genuinely excited about reaching your desired shape and size.

Having the will to improve your life is paramount and the key to long-term success as is the sense of achievement that this style of coaching makes a reality.

Goals are identified and solutions sought for any obstacles along the way.

Your focus and sheer determination on getting what you want is as sharp as a models hip bone.

And any of the old excuses for hanging onto the weight are ripped up and dunked in the deep end.

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Sally Thomson – Clinical Hypnotherapist, Dip Hyp, GHR, CNHC, AWLH. Sally is a registered Hypnotherapist and Weight Loss Motivator and Coach based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. www.hypnotherapy-chesterfield.co.uk