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Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Chose Me

A reporter once asked me how I made the decision to specialise in weight loss hypnotherapy in preference to all the other issues that hypnosis is known to help, such as quitting smoking, phobias, emotional and other mind-related issues.

I replied that I didn’t consciously choose weight loss hypnotherapy – IT chose ME.

Having successfully used hypnosis for the virtually pain-free birth of my son back in 1999, I decided to leave my job in the City and retrain as a Hypnotherapist, with the intention of specialising in HypnoBirthing and quit smoking hypnosis.

Weight Loss Hypnosis Started Calling

One day an ex-smoking client asked if I could hypnotise her to lose weight. She went on to lose 2 stone and recommended hypnosis for weight loss to a couple of her friends. Suddenly, I was seeing more people for weight loss hypnosis than anything else and an interesting pattern was emerging – I started to notice that they had all tried dieting in the past and they had all ended up bigger than when they had started. And yet, after hypnosis, many of them managed to keep the weight off.

Food Issues

I was also seeing a great many people with food “issues” – for every diet, there is a binge; and for many binges, there’s a purge! I was surprised to learn how many dieters would occasionally take laxatives, or make themselves sick to try and rid themselves of calories. I became hungry (excuse the pun) for a better understanding of our, often complex, love-hate relationship with food.

This spurred me on to train as an Eating Disorders Therapist with the National Centre for Eating Disorders, where I learned that dieting is often at the heart of every eating disorder – even those who think they’re being “good” by hardly eating all day are actually displaying bulimic behaviour, as starvation is a form of purging.

If Not Dieting – Then What?

So I learned that dieting isn’t a reliable way to lose weight permanently, and often does more damage in the long run. But what is the alternative to dieting?

A Match Made in Heaven

Research has shown that the best way to lose weight and keep it off is by changing eating behaviours and habits. And – trumpet fanfare – the best way to change habits is with hypnosis!

Hypnosis is all about changing behaviours, whether that is through motivational hypnosis to increase willpower (or “won’t” power with regards excess food!) or via virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis to help reduce portion sizes.

Armed with all this extra knowledge, I realised that I had found my “calling” and that, for me, weight loss and hypnotherapy for habit change are the perfect fit.

Have a chat with your local weight loss hypnotherapist to find out how you can also achieve that perfect fit.

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After almost twenty years in the City, Alison re-trained as a clinical hypnotherapist, having been so impressed after using hypnosis for the drug-free and (surprisingly!) virtually painless birth of her son back in 1999. Since then, she has established a successful general hypnotherapy practice in Colchester, Essex. Whilst using hypnosis to help resolve various issues, she found herself specialising in Weight Control Hypnosis and undertook specialist training with the National Centre for Eating Disorders to help people with more serious weight and eating problems. She therefore has a deep understanding of the complex nature of eating and weight control and is able to combine that knowledge with a humorous, upbeat coaching style to help clients shake off their old shackles and focus on achieving their goals. www.alisonbird.co.uk