The Weight Loss Hypnotherapist …………

is often mistaken for a ‘bit of an airhead’ who says nice things and hugs trees and lectures you on eating bramble leaf and quinoa salads.  But nothing could be further from the truth.  Like the whole hypnotherapy profession, the modern, professional, effective practitioner is highly trained, experienced and a seasoned psychologist too.

A weight loss programme will include psychological motivation, nutritional information, targeted exercise systems and a whole lot more in addition to the weight loss hypnosis that underpins the efficacy of the programme and makes it so much more effective over the long term than just dieting.

Self Hypnosis……..

is something that your AWLH expert will encourage and enable you to do for yourself.  Y’see the more we ‘talk to ourselves’ the more powerful those thoughts become.  Self Hypnosis is an even more powerful way of achieving this.

Try the ‘NO’ response.  Print off or write ‘NO’ so it almost fills an A4 sheet of paper.  Now just spend a couple of minutes looking at it and telling yourself that when you see this sign, whatever you were going to do will just become unnecessary and you won’t want to do it anymore.  Really concentrate those thoughts then tape or bluetack the paper to the biscuit cupboard.  Next time you find yourself in front of it, remember what that sign means and go make a cup of tea or pour a glass of milk or water instead……..and feel smug!

By the way……..

One biscuit a day less, equals over 27,000 kCals LESS in a year!


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Having been around the block including active service in the armed forces, and several years in the building industry rising to senior management, Malcolms whole take on Hypnotherapy is very practical and fuss free. He is the owner of the Mister Weight Loss brand and enjoys supporting weight loss clients achieve their desired goals.