Weight Loss Hypnotherapist

I love my job, I truly do. I decided to specialise in weight loss soon after I qualified as a Hypnotherapist and so did more specialist training in this area, including Gastric Band Hypnosis. I can’t even tell you what it is I love most about my life as a Weight Loss Hypnotherapist. My husband would probably tell you that it’s because I am bossy and enjoy telling it like it is and advise a better way of doing something – and he has a point….!!

The Best Bits Of Being A Weight Loss Hypnotherapist

The Buzz

Other than rather enjoying being a tad bossy, I do love helping people. Yes, I know that sounds incredibly corny, but it just so happens to be true. Nothing gives me a buzz like knowing that someone has turned their life around and become happier, healthier and slimmer, and that I have helped them on their way.

Celebrating Success

I love whooping when someone has bought jeans in a smaller size, laughing when they have felt smug when refusing dessert in a restaurant, and sometimes crying with them when they tell me how amazing they felt when they were able to start going out again after years of hiding away at home.

Continuous Stimulation

It’s a very rewarding and interesting life. People are quite simply fascinating and no two clients are the same, so although I may see four weight loss client in a day, there is never any chance of becoming bored as a Weight Loss Hypnotherapist.

Honesty = Results!!

One can’t specialise in weight loss unless one is prepared to be brutally honest. Feathers are often ruffled at first, but once you have helped someone to be really honest with themselves about the reasons they are fat, you can begin to change and support those new mind sets and get great results. Tough love gets results and you are always thanked for it afterwards! Having come from the corporate world where one is so bound by rules and red tape, stifling much creativity and free speech, it is so refreshing to be able to tell it at as it is for maximum impact and maximum results.

Relationship Building

You develop a real relationship over the time that you work together, and this very often continues way after the clients weight loss programme has finished. I get emails from clients that I have seen years ago telling me how they are getting on, both with their weight and life in general – it’s fabulous! People trust you with their inner thoughts and feelings that quite often they have revealed to no-one else, and that’s a very privileged position to be in.

The Worst Bits Of Being A Weight Loss Hypnotherapist

Anything technical– I outsource as much as I can!

Tip of The Iceberg

Being face to face with clients is the obvious part of the job, but like most occupations, a lot goes on behind the scenes and the working hours continue long after you’ve said goodbye to your last client! This can include:-

  • The regular communication with clients between sessions during their weight loss programme
  • Developing new products
  • Continuous professional development
  • Marketing
  • Daily blogging, posting, Tweeting

Knock-on Effect Of Being A Weight Loss Hypnotherapist

It helps me to keep myself in order too. I firmly believe in practicing what I preach and would not be able to continue specialising in this area if I were over-weight myself. I have used each and every one of the techniques that I share with my clients and I maintain my weight rigorously!!

There are few people nowadays who can truly clam to love what they do. I count myself to be incredibly fortunate to be amongst them. Yes, I truly love my work as a Weight Loss Hypnotherapist.

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After a long career in Financial Services, Fiona decided to retrain, initially, as a general Hypnotherapist. Soon after starting her practice in 2007, Fiona decided to specialise in Weight Loss and continued her studies in this area to include Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and a license to practice Gastric Band Hypnotherapy. She is now a Senior Qualified Hypnotherapist and has also trained extensively with, and is mentored by, Steve Miller. Fiona believes passionately in practicing what she preaches and maintains a healthy balance to her eating and consequently a stable weight. Fiona's coaching style manages to combine direct straight-talking coupled with a warm and energetic personality. She is not afraid to tell it as it is and to challenge her clients - in return she gives support in bucket loads. With a genuine desire to help her clients achieve their goals, nothing gives her greater pleasure than seeing their success. www.weightlossmindcoach.co.uk