Are you currently looking to build your self esteem?

Do you find that you eat too much because you lack confidence and self esteem?

Is a lack of confidence and self esteem leading you to become best friends with overeating?

As Director of the Association Of Weight Loss Hypnotherapists I am delighted to announce that I will personally run a Weight Loss Hypnosis Self Esteem Day on Monday 1st August 2016 in our Facebook group.

Weight Loss Hypnosis and Self Esteem

In many ways the two go hand in hand. If you feel good about yourself, rate yourself and have a sense of optimism about you and your future, your reliance on food lessens. As a Weight Loss Hypnotherapist I am very aware that for many, emotional eating is a key challenge.

On 1st August I will be sharing a number of hints, tips and tricks to help you:-

1. Let go of the past so you can move on and feel better about you and your life.

2. Use hypnotic techniques to help you boost your self esteem.

3. Elevate your self belief so that you begin to see yourself as a quality product in your own right.

4. The opportunity to ask questions aligned to your own circumstances to help you build self esteem and confidence.

5. Knowledge of what techniques you can use to rapidly increase your self confidence.

Hypnotising Your Confidence

A good Weight Loss Hypnotherapist will help you build your self esteem at the same time as helping you to lose weight. They will use a range of creative suggestions to help you build concrete self esteem and confidence so that your reliance on food to fill a void in life is closed.

You will find that many members of the Association Of Weight Loss Hypnotherapists use a range of hypnotic techniques to help support their clients confidence and self esteem.

Do join me on 1st August in our Facebook group for a full day of Self Esteem building.

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