Summer will be here soon and this means there will be a lot more celebrations that you will be invited to. You can go to every celebration looking stunning and glamorous in your colourful flowing saree or you can choose to go looking like a big fat Punjabi samosa too afraid to socialise with everyone because you are one of the fattest ones there.

Being a larger size and overweight can have an impact on your confidence, most often people shying away and hiding under big, baggy, unflattering clothes with no colour. Ask yourself, do you want to get into a flattering brightly coloured saree or do you want to stay fat?

Weight Loss Hypnosis Helps

It’s time to take control of those samosas and regain a fabulous body and a wealth of confidence so that you can feel amazing when you go to any celebration this summer with your high heels on looking tall in your colourful sexy saree.

What you can do to stop looking and feeling like a samosa and get the sparkle that you deserve:

There are several things that you can do now to look fabulous on these celebrations so that you can get the wow factor and not be one of the chubbiest ones there. Just imagine when you go to the next celebration how everyone looks at you and compliments your weight loss asking you how you did it.

Weight Loss Hypnosis

There is still time to look fabulous and to slim down so you need to start now or go on year on year looking fat or getting even bigger.

Here’s how:

1) Take control. When those samosas are staring at you, just take one and ignore the rest. You might even want to take most of the pastry off as this is where most of the fat is absorbed.

2) Enlist support from a weight loss hypnotherapist. I’d recommend it has to be someone that specialises in weight loss hypnotherapy as their expert knowledge and support will help you to regain control over food.

3) Your weight loss hypnotherapist should be able to teach you self hypnosis for weight loss so that you can hypnotise yourself to control food when in tantalising situations.

4) Get active. Instead of sitting around munching on all of those samosas join a gym or an exercise group to burn all those extra calories off. Or you might even want to go out for a brisk walk.

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Manjit works with a diverse clientele in her busy practice in Leicester. Having high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease in Manjit's family, she had to alter her eating habits accordingly, so she created the Asian Exclusive Weight Loss Programme. For more detials visit Manjit's website: www.yourweightlosswhippet.co.uk