Have you ever wondered who are the serious Weight Loss Hypnotherapists and who are the ones who just do it as a hobby?

Does contacting a Weight Loss Hypnotherapist concern you because you don’t know who is good and who may not be?

Weight loss hypnosis is not something a Hypnotherapist can play at! A Weight Loss Hypnotherapist needs to take their work seriously. It should not be some fancy hobby that one plays at.

There are a number of points you should consider when contacting a Weight Loss Hypnotherapist to help you differentiate between those who take their work seriously and those who may do it in between doing the housework. Here are a few pointers:-

1. Those trained to work as a weight loss hypnotherapist will sound confident about what they do and will probably offer you a recommended prescription for treatment.

2. Weight loss hypnotherapists will often have evidence of personal competence. Statements such as ‘I don’t share client testimonials’ should raise your concern.

3. The best weight loss hypnotherapists will conduct weight loss hypnosis in a professional environment. It is rare they work from a bleak looking room full of crystals and candles.

4. I have always offered clients a ‘keep in touch service’ between weight loss hypnotherapy sessions. The best are likely to conduct weight loss hypnosis in this manner.

5. Weight loss hypnotherapists should be highly motivational. If you feel they could not inspire the thirsty to drink water then I recommend you give them the elbow.

6. If you enquire and find the weight loss hypnotherapist is fat themselves, then personally I would steer clear. Yes, you may think they will relate to you because they are fat too. However, you deserve to be inspired by a weight loss hypnotherapist who is a radiator and not a drain.

So…..What Is Weight Loss Hypnosis?

I would summarise it as the facilitation by a weight loss hypnotherapist to help a client create a focused concentration on the weight loss result they want. Weight loss hypnosis is not all about relaxation. Quite often the reason people have become too fat is because they are too relaxed! So no, your weight loss hypnotherapy should be highly motivational and delivered with a strong authoritarian style. That equally applies to emotional eaters. What an emotional eater really wants is for their weight loss hypnosis to be strong and direct so that they feel confident to crush emotional eating for good.

So you may be thinking, ‘Should I go for weight loss hypnosis?’ My recommendation is that you do but you shop around so that you find the best weight loss hypnotherapist. You may then get the breakthrough you deserve. Just avoid the hobbyist.

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