I had a very interesting case brought to me by one of my supervisees, Amy, the other day.

Amy has recently started offering weight loss hypnotherapy and had been asked by two friends if they could attend together for their sessions. Amy runs her weight loss hypnotherapy programme over 6 sessions for roughly three months; she is having a good success rate and building a nice solid business.

This request was a new issue for her and she wanted to discuss it in supervision. She was concerned that it would be difficult to see two people together for weight loss hypnosis as their issues would be different.

Weight Loss Hypnosis – My Experience

My own experience of delivering weight loss hypnotherapy for many years made me agree with her concerns and I was wary of her going ahead. We talked about it in supervision and I thought it was worth detailing my reasons I prefer to see people one to one. You might not agree with me, so let me know your view and post, let’s open up the discussion.

1) Change, even good change, is tough so don’t set up hiding places.

Losing weight and becoming slim and healthy is a big challenge and a big change. All of us can find change uncomfortable; there are good evolutionary reasons for this so it shouldn’t surprise us. I have found so many times in my own practice and speaking to my supervisees that if you see two people together for weight loss hypnosis a bad dynamic often starts. The person who is less motivated, the one who is not too sure if losing weight matters, the one who believes the myths that it’s their metabolism or whatever, dominates the couple. I can truly say that I have never seen two clients together where the most motivated one pulled the other. It is always the other way around, which is why I stopped seeing more than one client at a time.

2) Avoid the slimming group mentality

You will have more success as a weight loss hypnotherapist if you avoid anything which suggests to your client, consciously or subconsciously, the tired old experience of the slimming group. Do you want to know one good thing about most clients coming for weight loss hypnotherapy? They know slimming groups often can be difficult. It’s important to build on this and help the client permanently and decisively break with the slimming group mentality (you know, the one where they turn up with their mates every week for a few months, then drop out and the weight goes back on).

I find it much easier to get rid of that mentality if there is just me and the client at the weight loss hypnosis session. Seeing two people at once smacks too much of the slimming club in the church hall. I don’t like that approach.

3) The client has to take individual responsibility

If you are asking someone to take individual responsibility for their own weight, then that comes down to, you’ve guessed it – the individual. That means your weight loss hypnosis client, on their own, getting slimmer. It is much easier to get this message across and work with them if they are on their own when they see you. It’s all about them and that is a good place to start.

4) A money saving option is setting up for failure

It is not true in all cases, but sometimes potential clients ask if they can share their sessions and get a discount. This is not a good mindset at all for a client to start with. Successful weight loss hypnosis will likely transform their lives and that is worth paying for.

What you gain by saying no

So what did my supervisee decide after our supervision session? She is going to tell the weight loss hypnotherapy clients that she prefers to see them separately as she believes they will both get the most out of the sessions that way, with her individual attention. We even began to talk about how she could market that individual approach tailored for each client as her Unique Selling Point. But that is another story. . .

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