Many are aware that I too was once fat. There are days I still struggle but thankfully I have one tool in my armour that saves me from returning to the life of a rotund rhino.

That tool is self-hypnosis. Whenever I sense I am struggling, I will always take myself away and do a session of self hypnosis for weight loss.

Years ago when I was fat I was completely out of control. I would get in from work, open a bottle of wine and gorge myself senseless on junk food. I pretended I was happy but I wasn’t.

If truth be known, I felt ugly and unsexy. ‘Who wants a fat oaf like me?’ I would ask myself. But it was no good moaning about it. I had to do something about it so I used hypnosis for my weight loss and weight management.

Weight Loss Hypnosis Explained

I am a practical person. I can’t be doing with making life more complex than it needs to be, and given my many years in academia I think I am allowed to share my view that academia keeps you fat. I didn’t want to read more theories about weight loss. I wanted to know what I had to do so that I could leave the life of fat misery. Hypnosis was the answer. I developed my own system for weight loss hypnosis and it became my best friend. I would take myself off, do my stuff and then feel truly fabulous. It is no wonder I now champion weight loss hypnosis, but I am the first to admit that hypnosis alone is not enough. As well as the weight loss hypnosis you need to make a number of attitude and behavioural changes.

How Does Self Hypnosis For Weight Loss Work?

In summary self-hypnosis for weight loss involves finding a time when you won’t be disturbed, and creating a focused concentration. You are then able to work with your subconscious mind to dissociate bad habits and bring in new positive habits so that you eat less, eat better and move more. It can actually be conducted in a fun way and you don’t need stone silence to do it. The focused concentration allows you to also increase your level of self motivation, and even be strong with yourself so that you win the war on fat.

So yes, life was not good when I was fat and I owe a lot to finding weight loss hypnosis. Without it I am not convinced I would have melted the fat that was making me so unhappy. If you are asking yourself ‘if he did it can I?’ then there is only one answer – COURSE YOU CAN!

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