Listed below are a number of frequently asked questions I receive from the public about Weight Loss Hypnosis and Weight Loss Hypnotherapy.

What is weight loss hypnosis?

Weight loss hypnosis can be summarised as a process of focused concentration that enables a client to control their eating habits, enhance self-motivation, and manage emotional eating more effectively.

What is weight loss hypnotherapy?

Weight loss hypnotherapy is the application of weight loss hypnosis to help a client achieve their desired goals and a therapeutic outcome.

Is weight loss hypnosis safe?

Weight loss hypnosis is safe when the process of weight loss hypnotherapy is conducted by a registered and experienced Weight Loss Hypnotherapist.

Does weight loss hypnosis always work?

It is unlawful to guarantee weight loss hypnosis will work. However, it is hugely successful with many looking to lose weight using hypnosis so long as the client is committed and motivated.

How many sessions of weight loss hypnosis are needed?

The number of sessions of weight loss hypnosis required will vary client to client. On average it is likely that you will need to attend six sessions.

How do you find a professional Weight Loss Hypnotherapist?

Do a good search online and check that the Weight Loss Hypnotherapist is registered, fully insured, and experienced at treating clients using weight loss hypnosis.

Will weight loss hypnosis help with emotional eating?

Weight loss hypnosis can be very effective at helping you to manage emotional eating. An experienced Weight Loss Hypnotherapist will help you to mentally manage emotional eating at the same time as building your confidence and self-esteem.

Is weight loss hypnosis expensive?

The fees for a course of weight loss hypnosis vary from one practitioner to another. Much depends on geographical location, experience, and success rate. Generally you get what you pay for.

How can weight loss hypnosis help you keep the weight off?

An experienced Weight Loss Hypnotherapist will help teach you self-hypnosis. You will therefore have a tool to use once you have completed your course of weight loss hypnosis.

If you have any further questions on weight loss hypnosis and weight loss hypnotherapy then feel free to post a comment. If you are looking for a Weight Loss Hypnotherapist then check out the section titled ‘Find A Practitioner’.

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