Festive Overload

It’s true what they say, Christmas seems to start earlier every year. Every shop and supermarket has had shelves full of Christmas things for months now. Every other advert on the TV is for either a supermarket or chain store, encouraging us to buy festive food and drink that we can’t afford in more ways than one. We are constantly being bombarded with the message that it’s ok to over indulge on rich and expensive food, to live a little, after all it’s Christmas. You can get back on it again in the New Year. I’ve seen some excellent posts from members of the Association of Weight Loss Hypnotherapists, encouraging those who are on a weight loss journey to manage the Christmas festivities, exercise control and feel fabulous come the New Year.

The weight loss strategies I’ve seen relate to how to manage the season, how to raise your self-esteem, to implement the 80/20 meal plan and manage the inevitable extra food and drink. The prospect of starting another year with regrets rather than feeling full of remorse for having given in to the numerous opportunities to over indulge is a great motivator. That’s all true; of course the temptation of so much available food is a killer for weight loss and at no time more so than over the festive period. Small wonder people working with a weight loss hypnotherapist need extra help to keep them on track with their weight loss goals.

Emotional Excess

Christmas can also be an emotional time for many people. For those who have no family or are estranged from loved ones. For those who have lost parents, children or close friends, occasions like Christmas bring back, poignant, sad and sometimes overwhelming feelings of grief and loss, made all the more painful by the long, long lead up to Christmas, which gets longer and more protracted every year. The constant availability of so much food and the encouragement of others at this time of year to stuff yourself make emotional eating seem all the more acceptable.

A Very Vicious Circle

What has this ‘fatty’ always done in the past when faced with all these negative and sad emotions? I eat! Even though I know that eating won’t change the emotions, in fact I know I will feel worse. On top of the horrible emotions I am already feeling, I will have additional guilt and remorse about the uncontrolled eating. I will, most likely, rake up all the negative self-talk I had recently learned to ignore, telling myself how weak and useless I am to have given in, again.

Weight Loss Hypnosis Saves The Day

I decided to share this on here because I knew I would once again be struggling with my food demons this year, even though it is not easy to admit to such emotions, especially since after working with Steve Miller for the past year on my weight loss and motivation I thought this year would be easier. I knew I needed some extra support. I spoke to Steve in one of our recent Skype sessions.

He encouraged me to acknowledge the emotion, to ditch the demons on my shoulder and to recognise that the desire to eat was nothing to do with actual hunger but more of a coping mechanism to mask the pain I was feeling. Through a very authoritarian motivational hypnosis session he encouraged me to use self-hypnosis when I felt the emotion overwhelming me and reinforced what he had already taught me about coping with emotional eating. In order to reduce the likelihood of a food binge I needed to remember the self-belief he had taught me and replace the negative inappropriate emotions with positive self-talk.

Acceptance and Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

The emotions are still there, I will always find this time of year difficult but with the right tools, and the right type of weight loss hypnotherapy, the inevitable horror at the start of the year after losing control will be just a bad memory. This year my gift to myself is to look forward to a new year where I haven’t used my emotions as an excuse to over-eat. I will be able to hold my head high and be proud of what I have achieved. I have accepted finally that it’s ok to have emotions, but with the right motivational weight loss support I can choose not to let them define my behaviour, or give me an excuse to throw in the towel.

Give weight loss hypnosis a try. Finding a top weight loss Hypnotherapist can motivate, support and help you regain control over your weight.

Happy Christmas!


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Christine is a former client of Steve Miller. Working with Steve she lost an incredible 12 stone using his Authoritarian and Motivational Weight Loss Hypnosis & Coaching Model.