Attitude is everything and is, in my opinion, the most vital ingredient needed in the mix when embarking on a weight loss hypnosis adventure!

I Can and I Will

As a weight loss hypnotherapist, I need to be able to see the potential within my client for their mindset to be re programmed to one of an achiever. In fact, a good weight loss hypnotherapist will only treat those clients who show this spark of determination, because a successful outcome is very much dependent on its presence.

In a nutshell, for sustainable results to be achieved, the desire for change must far, far outweigh the reality of remaining the same.

Weight Loss Hypnosis Is About Building a Mindset for Success

From the very beginning, I grab hold of that spark and work with my clients on building a strong, positive ‘can do’ attitude. It has to be one that enables them to take full responsibility and accountability for their own actions and choices. There is such incredible power in seizing back the ownership of making your own choices and it literally sweeps away the victim mentality that can be such a barrier to success.

Simply put, we believe what we tell ourselves, so by telling yourself that eating healthily and exercising regularly is easy for you and that losing three stone will be a doddle, it really will start to feel like that.

Transformation and change is always fuelled by positive feelings and thoughts that motivate you on.

Weight Loss Hypnosis – Portray the New You!

My clients are inspired to consider what benefits will be theirs at the end of their efforts. How they truly want to feel, what their inner drive and motivation is and to take full and complete ownership of that vision.

Then, using weight loss hypnosis and other techniques, they literally take on that vision, become that person, because most of the benefits that they will have identified are choices that can be made in an instant.

If they will feel amazing 2 stone lighter, then they must feel that pride and happiness right now!

If they imagine feeling more energetic when their eating is under control then they must feel that pulsating energy running through their body right now!

If they will look sexier, more attractive and be more body confident when slimmer, then sex it up and act that role right now!

By taking on that positive, desired personality and self-belief, you convince yourself and everyone around you and in self-generating these benefits at the beginning of the process, motivation sky rockets and success is inevitable.

Weight Loss Hypnosis – It ROCKS!

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BA (Hons), Dip. Hyp. ISCH. GQHP. AWLH. GHR I am a Weight Loss Coach and Mindset and Motivation expert, a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist with a consuming passion for supporting people from all walks of life in achieving their weight loss goals. My approach is powerful and I am driven by the fantastic results that it achieves and the positive and dramatic difference that it makes to lives. www.yourweightlossfairy.com