Do you often sit wondering if weight loss hypnosis can really help you? Let’s face it, there are many mixed reports out there with many raving about how successful treatment was and others claiming it was a waste of time.

You may even wonder if it’s safe and if it does actually work. You can be forgiven if you are thinking such things. Let’s face it, it’s a financial investment and you want it to work well.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy is recognised by the British Medical Association which of course assures you that it is completely safe when delivered by a competent Weight Loss Hypnotherapist. What is clear is that you need to find a competent Weight Loss Hypnotherapist.


Personally I believe there are five critical areas to be explored when searching for a good Weight Loss Hypnotherapist. Check these out below:-

1. The Weight Loss Hypnotherapist will be well trained and carry professional indemnity insurance. Ask to see evidence of this and check out their hypnotherapy training school to ensure their training was comprehensive.

2. A capable practitioner will often have evidence that they get results. When contacting a Weight Loss Hypnotherapist, ask to see evidence of capability. You should also ask to speak with one of their former clients.

3. A good Weight Loss Hypnotherapist will explain in detail the process of their treatment plan and how they will help you. If you are not satisfied or convinced, then move on and speak to another Weight Loss Hypnotherapist.

4. Weight Loss Hypnotherapists often offer support between sessions such as offering SOS text support and MP3 audios for you to listen to. Weight loss hypnosis isn’t just about a once a week visit, so find out what additional support you will receive.

5. A Weight Loss Hypnotherapist will have a dynamic style and one that motivates you instantly. If you aren’t immediately inspired, move on and shop around. Weight loss hypnosis is effective when delivered in an authoritarian and motivational style.


There are five key ways in which weight loss hypnosis can help you. This will include:-

1. Helping you to control your portions.

2. Supporting your motivation to stay on track.

3. Helping your mind to control the emotional eating habits that have been developed over time.

4. Increasing your desire to do more exercise.

5. Programming your mind to make better food choices so that your weight drops.

Weight loss hypnosis is an effective treatment when delivered by a Weight Loss Hypnotherapist who is highly competent. Shop around. Work with the best and the result you deserve awaits you.

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