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Weight Loss Hypnosis From Queen Dee

My name is Dee and you may have read about my incredible 20 stone weight loss in the media over the past few weeks. I achieved this amazing success by ditching restrictive diets and the daily misery of feeling like I was shackled in a straight jacket of deprivation. I turned instead to weight loss hypnotherapy and motivational weight loss coaching. Now with the help and support of my mentor and business coach Steve Miller I’m ready to share my secrets with you and show you how you too can lose all that unwanted weight and be the gorgeous person you deserve to be. I will be launching in the New Year as Queen Dee Weight Loss and below I will give you a taste of what I will be offering my clients.

My Own Story

I will share how I stopped making excuses and giving control of my body to other people. Through lifting my motivation and using weight loss hypnotherapy I ditched the mountains of chocolate and junk food that were literally weighing me down every day and destroying my soul. I will show you how I broke the cycle of eating too much junk, then feeling guilty so starting the next starvation ‘fad diet’ which lasted from a few hours to a few weeks only to cave in and end up heavier than when I started.

My 6 Week Programme

Six personalised sessions either one to one or via Skype to programme your mind to increase your confidence and motivation and stop the excuses that keep you fat.

Mind coaching techniques including weight loss hypnosis to allow you to take control of what you eat and lose weight.

Daily motivational text message to boost those confidence and motivation levels even higher.

An SOS text messaging service for those times you need that extra bit of support.

MP3 audio downloads to help you to learn self-hypnosis to drive and motivate you.

Tools and techniques to help you stay on track during the programme and after you have lost the weight.

80/20 Eating Plan

With weight loss hypnotherapy and motivational coaching clients don’t sign up for a ‘diet’ because it’s not ‘what’ you eat that is the key to healthy and sustained weight loss, it is ‘how much’ you eat. People look at me with incredulity when they see me eating a bar of chocolate. But the reason diets don’t work is because the minute our brain computes that something is banned we want it all the more and we get conditioned to the guilt syndrome of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ food choices. However, some clients feel more secure with a guide of what portion control is so the six week 80/20 eating plan shows how you can eat in the real world making healthy choices 80% of the time whilst having the pleasure of knowing that you can socialise and enjoy a bit of what you fancy for 20% of the time.

My Secret Hub

Be part of my VIP secret weight loss page on Facebook by receiving extra support and guidance from my daily posts and enjoying the interaction from the group. As part of my VIP group, clients will also receive access to my video blog documenting my ongoing weight loss journey to goal.

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Dee is currently studying for a Diploma in Professional Hypnotherapy and will soon be starting her own practice as a hypnotherapy and motivational weight loss coach. Dee is being mentored by Steve Miller, who recognises her incredible talent for helping others with weight issues.