Christine – Before and After

Former Dieter’s Views on Hypnotherapy To Lose Weight

For most of my adult life I struggled with excess weight. I was always on some diet or other, lurching between binge eating and starving myself. The only constant thing with all of the things I tried was my inevitable failure, and subsequent weight gain. I hesitate to confess to some of the more bizarre things I tried, suffice it to say short of having my jaws wired and bariatric surgery I tried everything. I was searching for a magic bullet, or a deep psychological reason for my behaviour, I asked doctors and therapists to control my eating because I couldn’t control it myself. Or that’s what I thought.

Not All Weight Loss Hypnotherapists Are The Same

I had seen Weight Loss Hypnotherapists before with little effect. They were uninspiring, sleep inducing (quite literally in one consultation) and terminally beige for the main part. I was however, convinced that hypnotherapy for weight loss could and should be able to help me. I knew that my problem wasn’t with knowing what I needed to do; my problem was all in my head. I had no expectation of success, no aspirations and my self esteem was pretty non existent. In short I had no hope. I was in excess of 24 stone, fat, over fifty and old before my time. I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and type II diabetes, all caused by my obesity. Then Steve Miller happened.

My Epiphany

Steve used a combination of strongly worded hypnosis for weight loss, there was none of the lie down relax and think pleasant thoughts here, it was about my control, my desire to be slim, and perhaps most importantly my responsibility. The tone was strong and uncompromising. I certainly never fell asleep during Steve’s weight loss hypnotherapy sessions!
Suddenly food was no longer my focus, mindful portion control and following the 80/20 plan made perfect, uncomplicated sense. Along with the hypnotherapy for weight loss sessions, I was taught how to use a range of tools, the most useful of which was the STOP, LOOK, LISTEN technique which helped me to pause and think about the consequences of what I was about to do and in a very short time I found my new, better habits replaced the old bad habits. He even got me to exercise, no mean feat for someone who hates formal exercise with a passion! I had my challenges, still do, but I realise that my actions have consequences; positive and negative. I also own my body and my weight loss. I still use Steve’s hypnosis products when I need to bolster my control over food and to remind me I still have some way to go to get to the weight I want to be.

A new chapter

Steve asked me a few months ago to represent the client’s view and be one of the Board Advisors for the Association of Weight Loss Hypnotherapists, an honour I was happy to accept. Having met many of the members I know they all embrace and practice Steve’s Authoritarian and Motivational philosophy and I truly believe this approach is both innovative and revolutionary. Take it from a one time, failed serial dieter who has finally managed to shed in excess of 10 stone using Steve’s Authoritarian and Motivational Weight Loss model.

It is no more massive fatty for me and for that I am truly grateful.

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Christine is a former client of Steve Miller. Working with Steve she lost an incredible 12 stone using his Authoritarian and Motivational Weight Loss Hypnosis & Coaching Model.