I’m referring to the word ‘diet‘ of course in it’s commonly used incarnation, as a temporary and restrictive plan of eating, that people ‘hope’ will be the answer to all their prayers. Unfortunately, it never is.


Because they don’t work! Simple as that. Yes, you might lose weight, but there is a widely experienced phenomenon called ‘diet induced weight gain‘ whereby people who lose weight by dieting, regain it, and MORE, once they begin to eat ‘normally’ again – which of course they inevitably have to. Diets cause feelings of deprivation and misery which often leads to over eating or bingeing. In addition, faddy diets ‘mess’ with your body which starts to worry that you might starve, so can react by altering the body’s natural metabolism, thereby defeating the point altogether! 


Diets DO NOT work in the long term and can also be harmful as they often lack essential nutrients and the right components to ensure that you burn fat rather than lean muscle. Importantly, they often have NO correlation with healthy eating. They simply cause you to yo-yo, and to and fro between eating patterns and behaviours which are not healthy for your body. Crucially, they do not address your mindset which is the instigator of ALL your behaviours. Without addressing this, you will inevitably return to old bad eating habits, learned behaviours and coping mechanisms that have been installed inside your subconscious mind.

The Solution is …..

Healthy eating in appropriate portion sizes and exercise. Simple as that! The answer is to establish a healthy eating habit, where no food is ‘banned’, that you can enjoy for life. A program of everyday, healthy, pleasurable eating, in reasonable amounts, coupled with regular exercise. In a nutshell – eat less, eat better and move more!

How can you achieve this?

By changing your MINDSET!! A good weight loss hypnotherapist will work with you, as a team, as your cheerleader, to reprogram your mindset to embrace and embed these new ideas and beliefs about food and exercise. They will empower you to wave goodbye to those old outdated, unwanted habits. They will instil in you a desire to only put healthy, nutritious foods into your precious body, in just the right amounts for you!

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BA (Hons), Dip. Hyp. ISCH. GQHP. AWLH. GHR I am a Weight Loss Coach and Mindset and Motivation expert, a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist with a consuming passion for supporting people from all walks of life in achieving their weight loss goals. My approach is powerful and I am driven by the fantastic results that it achieves and the positive and dramatic difference that it makes to lives. www.yourweightlossfairy.com