I’m in the enviable position of truly loving my job as a weight loss Hypnotherapist. It brings me masses of rewards when I see the lives of my clients being turned around. To give you a taste of what we do and how, here’s a little glimpse into a day in the life of a weight loss hypnotherapist where I use hypnosis for weight loss …………..

Being The Weight Loss Hypnotherapist


After shuttling my three children off to school, I return to my home office to check my diary, do admin/planning and preparation for the day ahead.


Head off to my clinic in St Albans where, today, I start with two weight loss hypnosis consultations. Complimentary because it’s essential that my client and I have rapport, my way of working resonates with them, and they understand the principles of hypnotherapy for weight loss. I take a medical and social history and note one has had gastric band hypnosis previously. We discuss what I offer and what I expect from them. Team working and commitment are vital to our success. Both have found me via former clients and are here because they know I get results. In both cases we are mutually happy to proceed with my 6 week programme.


I see a 49 year old lady who is at Week 3 of the weight loss hypnotherapy programme. After obliterating all of her old excuses in previous weeks, she is buzzing with energy and confidence. By ditching the excuses for not taking ownership of her situation she realises that she holds the key and can achieve whatever her mind believes. She has lost half a stone and looks fantastic. We review her homework, her implementation of the 80/20 eating plan and I teach her techniques to promote portion control. We finish the 75 minutes with an uplifting authoritarian weight loss hypnosis session.


After lunch I start a new client off on the programme. It’s quite possible that these are my favourite sessions.  Clients often arrive with a mixture of hope, fear, excitement and desperation etched on their faces but leave, 90 minutes later, radiating hope, excitement and empowerment!  The lady, in her mid-30s, wants to lose 3 stone before her beach wedding in eight months’ time. We utilise that vision and goal to elevate her motivation, we build the foundations of her future mind-set, and we identify and agree immediate actions for her. I perform a hypnosis session enabling her to seize the control over food.


I take an SOS Skype session with a client about to meet friends who historically ‘pig out together’. We spend 20 minutes building a confident mind-set that ensures she will say ‘no’ to food and drink that is not conducive to her goal. She’s happy, I’m happy and I head of to the gym!

I love my job.

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BA (Hons), Dip. Hyp. ISCH. GQHP. AWLH. GHR I am a Weight Loss Coach and Mindset and Motivation expert, a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist with a consuming passion for supporting people from all walks of life in achieving their weight loss goals. My approach is powerful and I am driven by the fantastic results that it achieves and the positive and dramatic difference that it makes to lives. www.yourweightlossfairy.com