If you are like many people, you probably find that losing weight isn’t about undertaking a faddy diet, but more so about getting your mind and motivation in the right place. Each year new faddy diets come on to the market and people can be forgiven if they feel they have been fooled into thinking it is the latest miracle cure to help melt the excess fat. Personally I would ban the lot because often they do nothing but make you think about food even more, and make life feel like a straight jacket.

We can be forgiven though; when I was fat I tried numerous diets only to find I became bored, frustrated and more obsessed with food. Thankfully hypnotherapy and a large portion of self motivation did the trick, and I found that canal walking became ‘my thing’. I am an avid fan of hypnotherapy and whilst there are some dire Hypnotherapists out there, if you look around there are many that are truly on top of their game.

How Hypnotherapy Burns Your Fat

As mentioned earlier, hypnosis and hypnotherapy when conducted by a talented professional can help you program your mind to do a number of things including:-

1. Mentally taking back the control over your portion sizes so that you eat less.

2. Boosting your self esteem so that you rely less on food for comfort.

3. Helping you to control binge eating so that you begin to eat sensibly.

However there is something else and that is your MOTIVATION. The best Hypnotherapists will use a style of hypnosis that is motivational and inspiring. They won’t just see your support plan as one of meeting at a weekly session where they ask you to ‘close your eyes and listen to me’; they will also coach you in a number of motivational techniques to help you eat less, eat better and move more. Sustained motivation is a hugely important factor when losing weight, so get hold of the right Hypnotherapist and you will find that keeping on track will be a lot easier.

What Motivational Hypnotherapists Will Do

The Motivational Hypnotherapist will offer a number of supportive measures outside the formal hypnosis which may include:-

1. Keeping in touch with you daily via text messaging, offering you support on a daily basis.

2. Offering you an emergency Skype should you find that you are struggling to maintain focus and motivation.

3. Teaching you how to conduct motivational self hypnosis for weight loss so that you have a tool to use when times get tough.

You may be thinking (quite rightly), about the food aspect of losing weight. My recommendation is that you keep it simple! Review how you are eating right now and then make changes so that you eat healthily 80% of the time and a little bit of what you fancy for the remaining 20%. Of course reduce your portion at the same time so that your calorie count reduces, and focus more on feeding your mind rather than your stomach. Weight loss really is a battle of mind over platter and hypnosis is a tool that can help win that battle. Work with the right Hypnotherapist and you will also receive large helpings of motivation and a support that drives your accountability and hunger to stay on track.

Right now you may be at your wits end having tried every diet going, but fear not as there is always a way. Perhaps it’s time to try something different and get your head in the right place.

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