Recently I held a meeting with a number of Weight Loss Hypnotherapists whom I had trained who now use my Authoritarian and Motivational Hypnotic approach with their clients. As we sat around chatting it became more obvious that clients really need that strong motivational impetus and Weight Loss Hypnotherapists are so well placed for making that happen.

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Whilst straightforward hypnotherapy for weight loss can help a client achieve a goal, this brand new model known as Authoritarian and Motivational Weight Loss Hypnosis does so much more for the client in so many ways including:-

  1. Ensuring the client is excuse free so that they let go of any blockages in their way to lose weight.
  1. Implementing a number of motivational tools so that clients are enthused to stay on track.
  1. Utilising a range of creative portion control techniques so that the client eats less.
  1. Delivering hypnosis in a strong and motivational tone so that the client feels inspired to control their eating habits.
  1. Using an 80-20 meal planning regime which means the client avoids a restricted diet and instead eats healthily 80% of the time and enjoys a bit of what they fancy for the remaining 20%.

Hypnotherapists For Weight Loss will of course use different protocols for their clients and one size does not fit all. However, I meet so many overweight clients these days who are desperate for a strong motivational approach to support their weight loss, and it was for that reason I developed the Authoritarian and Motivational approach to weight loss hypnosis.

There are many Weight Loss Hypnotherapists who also use the Virtual Gastric Band, however I am not a fan of this model because experience has taught me that many see it as a magic wand, which it is not. Having trained in it several years ago I soon decided it was not for me and was definitely not for the majority of my clients. However of course it will suit some! For now I continue to pioneer the Authoritarian and Motivational Weight Loss Hypnosis Model which is for many clients a breath of fresh air.

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