Are you tired of constantly battling thoughts about food, what you should or shouldn’t eat, calorie-counting or endless searching for the most effective diets?

More and more people are now seeing the benefits of using hypnosis for weight loss. Diets mostly offer more deprivation and a cycle of failure, so what does weight loss hypnosis offer?

•No restrictive diets

•All foods allowed in moderation

• Super Charged Self-Image

• Elevated Confidence

So much eating is emotional or habitual; your mind can claim to be hungry even when your stomach is not. For example, it’s 11am , it’s time for the daily coffee and chocolate bar, is this a habit or are you actually hungry? Do you recognise when you are full or do you constantly feel so full you feel ill? When you eat in a distracted way you may have already eaten more than you need by the time the signal gets to the brain. By eating mindfully you will not only enjoy food more, you will start to recognise when you have had enough and this is why hypnotherapy for weight loss can really help you “switch on“ your healthy eating power!

Weight loss hypnosis can help you recognise when you are truly hungry and be aware of what your stomach is telling you, helping you to reset your eating habits and create new healthy eating patterns.

Rather than focusing on just weight, you will learn to focus on what you want, your deeper goals, and find your true motivation. You may describe your goal as weight loss but you also want to feel confident, to feel healthy, feel good when trying on gorgeous new clothes or just to look good on the beach in a bikini. Hypnotherapy is a power tool in helping you to define and reach goals that really motivate you.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss also works by changing the subconscious thought processes that make weight loss so difficult.  A good weight loss hypnotherapist supports you to develop new thoughts and a healthy relationship with food, reducing the need for ‘willpower’ and making your changes more sustainable and long-term. Hypnosis for weight loss can help you to lose weight naturally and easily.

Weight Loss Hypnosis works on many levels:

• You are able to understand the bad habits and limiting beliefs about yourself that have stopped you losing weight before. For example, you may be eating too quickly, eating too much, eating to feel happier or even eating to ease emotional hurt.

• You can then move forward by developing new habits and beliefs that support your Weight Loss. You deserve to look and feel great!

• You will identify the weight loss goals that will motivate you most strongly and empower you to long term lifestyle change.

• You will find it easier to relax, feeling less stressed, be more at ease with yourself and others and less prone to comfort eating.

The benefits of hypnosis for weight loss extend much further than the weight loss itself: you will find you become more focussed and motivated, no longer distracted by the calorie counting or guilt associated with endless diets and food fads. You will still be you, but more glam, happier, healthier and lighter with all those unhealthy thoughts and feelings gone! Be Fabulous!

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Following 18 years in the Health and Beauty Industry, Leigh followed her passion of helping people look and feel fabulous and in doing so decided to train as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. After leaving her job as a Sales Director in 2013 she set up her own highly successful general Hypnotherapy practice in Northern Ireland.