If you are here on this site, reading our blog then I know you are serious about building your weight loss hypnotherapy business. You may also have noticed that ‘writing a book’ is having something of a moment. It is much easier technically than it used to be to get a book out there and many experts and A listers in all fields are doing it.

So perhaps writing a book is already on your ‘to-do’ list. I want to convince you to move it up to the top. It is THE thing you should be doing next.

It’s worth the effort For Weight Loss Hypnotherapists

We all know that weight loss hypnotherapy is a crowded area and there are some good therapists and many not so good. You need to stand out if you are going to make it. A book can do that for you. If you write a book, then you will be showing your potential clients that you know what you are talking about. You will be showing that you have the knowledge and skills to help them. A book will increase the number of clients you see, no question.

Your book can showcase everything which is good about you. It will make you stand out from the competition and I believe that it is the most effective thing you can do to take your business to a new professional level.

A book can make you a famous Weight Loss Hypnotherapist

If you write a book you prove you are an expert in the field of weight loss hypnotherapy. You can become a local celebrity very easily, and after that the sky is the limit as your book can sell around the world. A book gives you these opportunities

• authors get local publicity
• authors get invited onto local radio
• authors get reviewed in local publications.
• authors get their book into local bookshops

A book will make you the go-to expert in the weight loss hypnotherapy field in your area. Ask yourself how many of your competitors have written a book. You will stand out if they haven’t and you can bet that there are some who are thinking about it so you need to get in first. I bet most potential clients would choose a hypnotherapist with a published book over one without.

So a published book will get you ahead of the competition. And it can have a direct effect on your business.

Having a published book means you can

• Increase the number of clients you see
• Upscale your client list, so you can charge more
• Launch new products or services
• Build useful networks


One of the authors I am mentoring currently is writing a specialist book on weight loss and slimming for the Asian community. Over the last few weeks she has made contact with a pharmacist who is interested in what she is writing, someone who runs a network for Asian business people and an author who is himself a specialist in weight loss and mindset.

Another author I am mentoring has managed to get THE leading expert in his area to write an introduction to his book.

A third has been invited to speak at a conference on the area she specialises in and is thinking of making public speaking part of her business.

These things have happened before their books are even finished! That can be you as well.

Do you know enough to write a weight loss hypnotherapy book?

Perhaps you are asking if you know enough to write a book on hypnotherapy weight loss. I know you do. How do I know? You might be saying, Ann doesn’t even know me, so she cannot know how much I know.

Well I do! I know because you are here, on a site which is for experts and A listers in the field of hypnotherapy weight loss. I know you are reading and learning and sharing your experiences and your knowledge about weight loss every day. Even more importantly, you spend your time helping clients slim down and developing and honing your hypnotherapy skills and knowledge every time you see a client. That gives you everything you need. You can get all this into a book.

Write a book in 12 weeks

If you don’t know how to put all this together this is where I can help. I have put together a course which means you can write a book in just 12 weeks. If you sign up then every week you will get a lesson which tells you everything you need to do to put a chapter of the book together. Then I will guide you through how to get these chapters into book form and published. There are no tricks, no extra costs. All you need is some time, and your knowledge.

Even if you don’t have so much time you can still write your book. Just keep the modules on your computer and work at your own pace.

I am offering a special introductory price to Association of Weightloss Hypnotherapists members. You can join for just £20 a month, so that is going to cost you just £60 to write a book! But do join now as this offer is strictly limited. Click here for more details: www.writeyourweightlossbook.com

Welcome to the world of authors

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Ann Jaloba has a spent her whole career writing, editing and authoring health and wellbeing journals, books, websites and magazines. She is a qualified therapist and supervisor and coaches and supports entrepreneurs who want to write for publication. With thousands of face-to-face client hours under her belt, Ann is is happy to share her wisdom and experience.