Now that you are losing weight I would like you to think of all the reasons why you want to lose weight. Think about how you’ll feel when you’re slimmer, sexy and gorgeous. What you’ll look like, what gorgeous outfits you’ll wear and all the fabulous things that you held back from doing because you were fat.

Now you know your goals write them down and commit to paper…

To buy gorgeous new clothes for the summer, for example.

Book in with a new hairdresser and get that new modern haircut. No more frumpy fatty so a new haircut is a great way to feel glam and gorgeous.

Get a fabulous new look, book in with a make up artist and update your make up wardrobe. Pick one with a good reputation just like you did when booking your weight loss hypnotherapist so that they make you feel glamorous and beautiful. You deserve it!

To look better at 40 than you did at 25 for example. To be more active and get fit, set a goal to run or walk a 5k race or join a dance class, something that makes you feel alive and vibrant.

Yes, now your mind is in the right place with the help of weight loss hypnosis, it is important to set your goals. They will continually motivate you.

Now that you know why you want to be slim, choose rewards that are not food to help elevate your motivation.

Promise yourself daily treats for sticking to your goals – an invigorating body scrub, self tan, manicure

Promise yourself weight-loss rewards every time there’s a drop on the scales – go to a spa and treat yourself to a massage, facial, new lipstick or new outfit — in a smaller size of course!

Promise yourself something spectacular when you reach your target weight – a personal shopper to help you pick a new wardrobe or even a professional photo-shoot to celebrate how gorgeous, glamorous and confident you feel!

A fabulous holiday to go with your gorgeous new body and bikini!


You have nothing to lose except the fat!

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Following 18 years in the Health and Beauty Industry, Leigh followed her passion of helping people look and feel fabulous and in doing so decided to train as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. After leaving her job as a Sales Director in 2013 she set up her own highly successful general Hypnotherapy practice in Northern Ireland.