Melissa Before and After

Melissa Today

Melissa has shrunk from a size 18 to a 12 and is continuing to reduce to her desired shape and size.

She radiates confidence, glows with health, sizzles with self-motivation and self-belief. She is regularly found at the gym – often at 8.15am on a Sunday morning!

3 Months Ago it was a Very Different Story …….

Melissa was referred to me from a gym where she had been struggling to make progress on a 12 week course. In her words, she was ‘at such a low point and felt utterly despondent’. She hated what stared back at her in the mirror and although she knew the theory behind healthy eating and exercising, the reality was, she could not sustain it. A serial dieter, Melissa had tried everything and nothing had worked in the long term. However, despite her desperation, what struck me was a determination that was lurking beneath all the despondency, a spark, a little glimpse of grit that I believed I could make scream ‘FAT WILL NOT BEAT ME!’

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Was Needed

She wanted to improve her life more than anything and it was this desperation, determination and desire for change that we harnessed in order to adjust her mindset to one of success.

Weight Loss Hypnosis

We worked together, as a formidable team. Melissa is a girl after my own heart and loves to dress up and feel glamorous. She longed to look good again in the clothes that she liked to wear. Discovering what made her tick was key to our success, accessing her inner feelings and goals in order to bring them to fruition.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapist

As a Weight Loss Hypnotherapist I also used a strong authoritarian coaching style, combined with weight loss hypnosis tailored to her specific needs:

  • We established the ‘challenge’
  • Built foundations for change
  • Ditched all excuses for not losing weight and tore them up
  • She accepted ownership, waved goodbye to procrastination and moaning
  • Established daily self-hypnosis sessions hammering home the focus of the day
  • Kept in touch on a daily basis, finding solutions to challenges, celebrating successes
  • Implemented the 80/20 eating plan
  • Took back the control over food and exercise
  • Installed motivational strategies and techniques
  • Smashed our key goals
  • Identified her essentials for long term weight management

The Future…..

In Melissa’s words:

‘This has changed my life completely. The whole way that I eat and think about food is now so different. Revolutionary and remarkable!’

As do many of my clients, Melissa came to me after many years of failure, pretty much as her last hope. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could put an end to those miserable ’lost years’ and make hypnotherapy for weight loss the first port of call?

More information on the programme that Melissa undertook can be found at


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BA (Hons), Dip. Hyp. ISCH. GQHP. AWLH. GHR I am a Weight Loss Coach and Mindset and Motivation expert, a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist with a consuming passion for supporting people from all walks of life in achieving their weight loss goals. My approach is powerful and I am driven by the fantastic results that it achieves and the positive and dramatic difference that it makes to lives.