Most people realise that getting rid of the flab in the first place isn’t really the issue….it’s keeping it off that is the really hard part.  This is my argument against using special ‘diets’ in the first place.  If you want to make a long term commitment to something, it has to be in a way which you can accommodate in your normal lifestyle.  We can all put enormous amounts of effort into something, but if we had to do it ALL the time, we would soon tire of it.  However, if what you are doing is easily accepted and quickly becomes part of your lifestyle…….well there’s not an issue is there?

Time Limited Attention

You can go to the gym 5 days a week for a while, but after a few weeks most people will find it a drag.  But go once a week and do interesting and different things and it’s easier to keep going. Try to live off a couple of shakes and a plate of salad a day for a few days and most people will hack it if they feel they’re losing weight.  Try doing it for twelve months and most people will be heartily sick of it and find all manner of ways to cheat!

The Difference

Because we DON’T get you to take on unrealistic methods to lose the fat, because our work really DOES revolve a lifestyle FOR LIFE, because our use of psychology and hypnotherapy underpins a pleasant and fun transition into this new lifestyle……it’s really no hardship to just keep doing it!  We work WITH your mind, NOT against it.  We empower YOU to take control, NOT rely on short term gimmicks.

Weight loss hypnosis brings sustainability because we help embed positive, long lasting change via new habits and beliefs into your mind. Furthermore we elevate your self-esteem and confidence, meaning you rely less on food for comfort.

The biscuit Challenge

It really is amazing how those calories stack up. As an example, take the biscuit challenge:  An average biscuit contains 75kCals.  So if you have JUST ONE a day, that’s over 27,000 kCals a year.  Check it for yourself.  So how easy would it be to NOT eat 27,000 kCals a year?  That’s weight loss sustainability!

If sorting out your head so that your mind gets in the right place for weight loss is important to you then why not try weight loss hypnotherapy? It really is, mind over platter.

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Having been around the block including active service in the armed forces, and several years in the building industry rising to senior management, Malcolms whole take on Hypnotherapy is very practical and fuss free. He is the owner of the Mister Weight Loss brand and enjoys supporting weight loss clients achieve their desired goals.