With the Asian wedding season in full swing, it can be hard to control temptations as there is a lot of emphasis around food. The build up to the actual wedding can last around 3 days with a ladies night, a pre wedding party and then the actual wedding. So what is involved during these three days? A lot of calorific fatty FOOD and partying!

By the time you’ve had one samosa or onion bhaji you want another one, and another, and by the time you know it you’ve eaten more than you know you should have eaten. Way before you’ve even digested the first course you will be served a main meal, which usually consists of naan or chapattis, rice and about 3 curries rich in cream and butter, and then a very sugary dessert. The food will be gorgeous, but you can only imagine how much weight you will have put on during the three days.

Controlling your food temptations is a battle of the mind. On one hand you want to eat all of the delicious food spread out in front of you and on the other hand you don’t want to consume all of those calories and pile all that weight on if not more. As a weight loss Hypnotherapist I know only too well that it is important to program your mind to eat less and eat well if you are wanting to lose weight.

Next time you go to a wedding I recommend you try these 3 motivational techniques to help you to control your temptations to eat more than you actually need to.

1. Admire others

Look around at all the other lovely ladies and admire how good they look in their colourful Indian attire. Create a vision that you will look like that once you have lost all of that weight. This will mentally make you aware of eating too much and will help you to control your portions. It will act as a great motivator to inspire you to lose weight so that you too can look and feel amazing. Weight loss hypnosis is one part of the plan in helping you to lose weight. Motivation is the other.

2. Talk to yourself

When that delicious spread is put out in front of you talk to yourself mentally. Keep on telling yourself I am in control and food no longer controls me. Keep on telling yourself that you don’t need to eat all of those samosas and onion bhajis and that you only need one of each to feel satisfied and fulfilled. Remind yourself that they are very fatty and that the fat will sit on your body like lard if you eat too many. You will feel great afterwards for being in control and resisting the temptation. What you are doing here is planting positive suggestions to control food. You are actually using hypnosis for weight loss!

3. Have a dance and burn those calories

Instead of thinking about food throughout the whole wedding, why not get on the dance floor instead of sitting around. It will help you to burn off all those calories that you have consumed. Dancing will also divert your attention away from picking at the food in front of you, and it will be fun to have a good boogie.

If you have always struggled with your weight why not enlist support from a weight loss hypnotherapist? A good hypnotherapist for weight loss will help to programme your mind so that you can take back control over food. They will also teach you self-hypnosis so that you can use this wonderful technique in your own time.

In the meantime try these simple motivational techniques and see how you get on, as once you have a positive mindset in place and your enthusiasm for weight loss is sky high, you should find controlling your temptations much easier. Enjoy!


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