Athletes call it “getting the edge” on their competitors when they just ‘know’ that they are better, when they just ‘know’ they can win this race or event. You know what? More often than not, they ARE the winner too! Just look at the Usain Bolts of this world. Supreme belief and confidence! They WIN!

The Critical Mindset

When you want to lose weight, it is going to be because you want to look better, feel better, want others to see you differently, feel healthier……all sorts of great reasons.

They are LOGICAL reasons.

You can go to a diet club or get yourself a mentor and they will probably tell you everything THAT YOU ALREADY KNOW!

Initially you will almost certainly lose weight.

Initially you will be full of logical drive.

Then you may begin to lose interest, lose the impetus, start cheating yourself or just not going as often, until in the end you just give up. Your LOGICAL MIND beat you. It came up with all the subliminal reasons why what you were doing was too hard, inconvenient, misery making, taking too much of your time up………and all the other really good reasons to give in!

This is where weight loss hypnosis steps in to help.

Getting The Edge Using Weight Loss Hypnosis

So this time you wisely decide that your mind has to be included in your plan.

Great improvement!

You select a Weight Loss Hypnotherapist and he or she begins by really getting your LOGICAL MIND on-side. Generally telling you a lot of things that you already know because you’ve been giving this a lot of thought yourself, then explaining things in a very different way…….a way that interests your SUBCONSCIOUS too.

Then they will open up the big guns.

Weight loss hypnosis directly aimed at YOU. Using hypnosis, your Therapist can temporarily drop the Firewall that stops your subconscious taking on board the desires of your logical mind. While the Firewall is down they can ‘re-wire’ the patterning of your subconscious in a very powerful way which empowers YOU to take back control and drive yourself to achieve the targets that your Logical Mind came up with in the first place. It is safe, comfortable and VERY effective.


Your Weight Loss Hypnotherapist will support you through the timescale of change and the weight loss hypnosis will continue to make you stronger and more confident in your challenge… fact making the whole process surprisingly easy and pleasurable.

Get the Edge!

What are you waiting for?

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Having been around the block including active service in the armed forces, and several years in the building industry rising to senior management, Malcolms whole take on Hypnotherapy is very practical and fuss free. He is the owner of the Mister Weight Loss brand and enjoys supporting weight loss clients achieve their desired goals.