A Weight Loss Hypnotherapists Reflection

Looking at some old family photographs recently I paused to reflect upon my Mother-in-law. She was barely literate but not lacking in intelligence or common sense. She raised five children on a small fishing boat in the New Territories in Hong Kong, moving into her first brick home in 1962 at the age of fifty. For her, life was physically demanding and certainly lacking in modern day household comforts such as electricity. Her role was simple; she was the matriarch of the family who made sure that her children were fed, clothed and educated without the security net of any benefits system.

Those children all went on to become successful adults who never had to struggle with weight issues. For my Mother-in-law, food was simply a fuel for the body that was all too often in short supply and consisted mainly of fish (caught by my father-in-law, or one of the children), rice and vegetables.

A Weight Loss Hypnotherapist’s Perspective: What is emotional eating?

In today’s modern world of huge supermarket chains and fast food outlets, we along with our children are bombarded with all sorts of goodies that my mother-in-law could only have dreamed of. There are lots of gooey, sweet, fat laden delicacies to devour and enjoy. Now that is not to say that in moderation we should not enjoy these foods, but at some point along the way for many people and women in particular, food has become an emotional crutch to get us through difficult times. If you find yourself out of control around food or eat more comfort foods when tired or stressed, fear not. Help is at hand and I encourage you to follow my three easy steps to crush emotional eating below.

  • Keep an emotional eating diary.

Every time that you overeat or feel compelled to reach for your toxic food, stop for a moment and reflect on how you were feeling just prior to doing so. Write down the emotions you felt, what you ate, and how it made you feel eating it and afterwards. Then write down what action you are going to take the next time you are feeling that way. It will take time but eventually those emotions will trigger a desire to take positive action rather than turn to food.

  • Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is an effective way of learning to control emotional eating. Your weight loss hypnotherapist will aim to identify the patterns in your thoughts, feelings and behaviours that lead you to emotional eating. He or she will explore your relationship with food and eventually try to offset these patterns. By breaking the bond between emotions and eating, you will eventually be able to break your dependence on food.

  • Pause when cravings hit.

Emotional eating tends to be automatic, before you even realise what you are doing you have reached for your comfort food and devoured an overly large portion of it. So make a conscious decision to wait at least five minutes before you start eating. Take yourself away from the food and go look at all those gorgeous clothes in your wardrobe that are too tight, and imagine how great you will look and feel wearing them as opposed to how bad and worthless you will feel after the initial “high” of your “food fix” as it wears off.

If you want to crush emotional eating and get rid of the excess weight that is all too often attached to it, then you have taken the first step by visiting this page where you will find a weight loss hypnotherapist to help you. Weight loss hypnosis can really help.

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Dee is currently studying for a Diploma in Professional Hypnotherapy and will soon be starting her own practice as a hypnotherapy and motivational weight loss coach. Dee is being mentored by Steve Miller, who recognises her incredible talent for helping others with weight issues.