There can be no doubting the benefits of hypnosis and hypnotherapy in helping people to lose their unwanted weight. Hypnosis for weight loss has become more popular in recent years, and I know only too well that a weight loss hypnotherapist can help a client control their eating habits, overcome emotional eating, and elevate the level of motivation needed to lose weight.

If you are a Hypnotherapist looking to grow your weight loss hypnotherapy business then I recommend you focus on the following ten strategies to help make it come to fruition.

1. Ensure Your Hypnotherapy Weight Loss Website Shines

Creativity is key so make sure your website looks funky and dynamic. It needs to include a little about you, details of how you help clients get the result they desire, proof that you deliver results, your pricing, and of course your contact details.

2. Ensure Your Programme Delivers Added value

Rather than just delivering a session of hypnotherapy for weight loss each week, I recommend you include added extras such as a weight loss hypnotherapy MP3, a text messaging service, and an SOS Skype service for clients requiring extra support.

3. Profile Your Success

As you work with clients and your successes grow, make sure you profile them. Consider doing this via your own blogs and utilize PR. The media are always looking for success stories, so as long as your client expressly agrees, you can contact the media with a strong press release. Stories around hypnosis for weight loss are always well received by the media.

4. Offer Some Free Products

As a Hypnotherapist treating weight loss, it is important you take action to build a relationship with prospective clients looking to undertake a series of hypnotherapy sessions for weight loss. You are well advised to offer some giveaways such as an e-guide, an MP3 or a video. Build the relationship before you sell.

5. Blog

Blogging is a great way to showcase your expertise but also in helping prospective clients who are interested in hypnosis for weight loss. Once you have blogged you can showcase them on your business page on Facebook, and share them on Twitter. It all helps get your name out there as a Weight Loss Hypnotherapist.

6. Be Creative & Have Opinions

Avoid being like everyone else! Let out your creativity and if you have a wild idea but it offers substance, then it is probably worth doing. The same goes with opinions. Avoid being a sheep but do be true to yourself. If you try and be what you’re not then you will fail.

7. Ensure You Capitalize On Social Media

The basics are a business page on Facebook, a branded Twitter page and of course Linkedin if you want the professional client. Make sure you post substance on your social media sites because if it’s dross you will lose the interest of your audience very soon.

8. Offer After Care

I call it ‘plus one customer service’. As a Weight Loss Hypnotherapist you want to make sure that you go beyond the call of duty, and do something special once your programme with a client has finished. Do this and your positive reputation as a Weight Loss Hypnotherapist will elevate.

9. Develop Products

If you want to increase your revenue streams then develop a product portfolio. Yes, you can monetise your talent. Think of what your first product may be, then assign a creative name to it. Ensure your product has creative difference, and is one that offers substance. A Weight Loss Hypnotherapist is massively well placed to build their own online product portfolio.

10 . Believe In Your Talent

You are a Weight Loss Hypnotherapist so be proud! Yes, you may treat other conditions too but given that the obesity epidemic doesn’t look like it’s going away, you should be proud of your work.

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