Weddings are a stressful time for anyone, but being an Asian bride can be even more stressful as the weddings are most often huge with a large number of guests. The last thing you want is to walk down the aisle in a huge wedding dress and not feeling glamorous as everyone stares at you in your glittery Indian attire. You don’t want to be shopping around for a huge Indian dress which will make you look unflattering when you should be aiming to get into a slim one.

Looking glamorous and amazing is a must and you want to feel sexy in front of your future husband with no clothes on. Not because he wants you to lose weight, but because you want to do it for yourself. How you feel about yourself will have an impact on your relationship so if you are not feeling sexy because of your weight you need to do something about it as this could have an impact on your relationship before it’s even taken off as a marriage.

The saying is you only get married once so you should be able to feel amazing in your wedding dress and look amazing in your wedding pictures. Most brides will hate looking back at their wedding pictures if they are overweight and fat. You will want to look back and feel proud and happy at what you see on your big day rather than it being filled with regret of what you could have looked like. If you have children you want to show your wedding pictures off to them when they are older.

Weight loss can be difficult to achieve, but it is not impossible which is what you could be thinking, especially if you have tried fad diets in the past. If you set your mind and motivation to it you can be slim on your wedding day.

Some tips on how you can achieve weight loss with Weight Loss Hypnosis:

1)    Weight loss hypnosis can help you to regain control over food.

2)    Through strong powerful visualisation using weight loss hypnosis, you can visualise looking like that slim, glamorous bride so that you are constantly motivated to achieve your end goal.

3)    Take part in an exercise group where you can burn off those excess calories. Exercise will also help to tone up those flabby areas like your stomach, thighs and even your arms.

4)    Think about the things that you eat. Changing your eating habits and cutting out those fattening snacks and huge portions can make all the difference.

5)    You may even consider enlisting support from friends and family that understand what you are trying to do and your reasons for wanting to achieve weight loss. Ditch the feeders as your results will be slim.

6)    Just imagine and visualise how sexy and gorgeous you will look on your wedding day.

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Getting your head right and eating with a sense of balance is the most important part of your weight loss journey and weight loss hypnotherapy can help you to get the correct head space. Consult a weight loss hypnotherapist and get the ball rolling so that you enjoy your special day.

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Manjit works with a diverse clientele in her busy practice in Leicester. Having high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease in Manjit's family, she had to alter her eating habits accordingly, so she created the Asian Exclusive Weight Loss Programme. For more detials visit Manjit's website: