I am proud to be taking up the role as Board Advisor for the Association Of Weight Loss Hypnotherapists and will be a weight loss expert to the Asian community. As my new role commences I will be offering expert tips and advice on how you can regain fabulousness, control portions, cook curries healthily and use motivation so that you can experience weight loss and emerge as a healthy confident person and have a fat free life.

Weight gain is a big issue in all cultures and ethnic backgrounds but statistics show that chronic illnesses such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease are higher in South Asians due to a poor diet and an over consumption of high fat foods. I have found that the older generation are stuck in their rigid ways of cooking unhealthily and the younger generation are battling with a career, so resort to processed foods to fit into their busy lives.

Here are 6 Hypnotherapy Weight Loss tips on how you can take control:

  • If you struggle to fit cooking healthy food into your daily routine try and consider bulk cooking which can be frozen. This will help to keep your eating in check and should help you with weight control. It will also save you time.
  • Take part in exercise or go out for a walk. There is nothing better than getting moving to shed those excess pounds.
  • Put half of what is usually on your plate. This will help you to control portion
  • Use motivation to help you drive weight loss. Without motivation and a hunger to succeed your results will be slim. Start thinking about how you will get into all of those smaller clothes you have wanted to get into for so long.
  • Take Keep on telling yourself you are in control of food and it doesn’t control you. Tell those tasty onion bajis to FAT OFF!
  • Use self-hypnosis. It is a great tool that you can use in the comfort of your own home to reframe your mind to make healthier choices with food. Just find a quiet place and visualise how slim and healthy you will look in the future.

You might want to consider enlisting support from a weight loss hypnotherapist who will help you to regain control over food. They will also help you to understand your relationship with food so that you can take back control and experience weight loss without being on a rigid diet.

There will be lots more advise and tips which will be featured in my future blog posts. My debut book Slim and Spicy has also just been published.

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Manjit works with a diverse clientele in her busy practice in Leicester. Having high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease in Manjit's family, she had to alter her eating habits accordingly, so she created the Asian Exclusive Weight Loss Programme. For more detials visit Manjit's website: www.yourweightlosswhippet.co.uk