Dee – Before and After

I’m Soon To Become A Weight Loss Hypnotherapist

My Photoshoot for the AWLH

I recently had the opportunity to travel down to London to do a bit of promotion for the AWLH along with my mentor and business coach Steve Miller. It was a super day although it was very tiring (I now have a totally new respect for models as it is hard blooming work). My day was more than a business trip as it showed me how far I have come in my weight-loss journey, even though I still have five stone left to lose. That day showed me the true difference it has made and cemented in my mind that I will never again allow myself to become a massive fatty. I am so enthused about becoming a Weight Loss Hypnotherapist and this was part of my journey to launching my weight loss hypnotherapy business.

Weight Loss Hypnosis

I have used a combination of tools to help lose weight, one of which is weight loss hypnosis and it has helped my control over food and elevated my motivation to stay on the wagon and keep going. Becoming a Weight Loss Hypnotherapist will be one of my biggest achievements and I will be able to help others achieve their goal.


I needed some clothes for the photo shoot and went into complete melt down so phoned my friend and wailed hysterically, “what am I going to wear and more importantly where will I go to buy them?” She stopped laughing long enough to suggest we go to the local high street stores. The reality suddenly dawned on me that as I’m 20 stone lighter I can go to any high street store and buy clothes, and say ‘no’ to overpriced online clothes for fatties. The total euphoria I felt when the sales assistant at a big high street retailer said “that looks lovely on you but you really need the SMALLER size” was indescribable. Weight loss hypnosis has certainly worked alongside my regular gym visits and no nonsense motivational coaching.

The Flight

As I approached the plane my old fears and trepidation returned as it looked very small with only two rows of seats and a centre aisle. Please, I silently prayed, let me be alone and not have to squash some poor traveller into their seat. I quickly realised my prayers were to no avail as I smiled through gritted teeth at the man sitting next to me trying to hide my trepidation and guilt at the discomfort he was about to suffer. Again my sheer panic turned to absolute delight as I was able to slide into my seat and do the seat belt up without asking for an extender. The man sitting next to me must have thought I was bananas as I sat grinning from ear to ear and moving about in my seat just because I could.

A New Chapter


Dee with Steve

When the photographs were brought up on the screen I was in total awe; surely that gorgeous woman could not be me? But to my utter delight the confident, glamorous woman looking back at me was truly me and heralded the end of the old me. The day brought closure on that old massive fatty period of my life and heralded a new era of slim, confident, glamorous me. With the help of motivational weight loss hypnotherapy I have come to love life and to look forward to the exciting things ahead. I will shortly finish my hypnotherapy training and embark upon my new business venture as a weight loss hypnotherapist. It will be wonderful to see my client’s blossom into the gorgeous butterfly hiding under the lard. Every woman is truly too gorgeous to be fat and that is a reality that brings joy and happiness to me.

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Dee is currently studying for a Diploma in Professional Hypnotherapy and will soon be starting her own practice as a hypnotherapy and motivational weight loss coach. Dee is being mentored by Steve Miller, who recognises her incredible talent for helping others with weight issues.