‘The Premier Association For Weight Loss Hypnotherapists’


The Association Of Weight Loss Hypnotherapists (AWLH) is the premier association for Hypnotherapists treating clients for weight loss and weight management. It’s head Steve Miller is renowned for his leadership in the field of weight loss hypnotherapy and coaching, and is often featured for his work in championing  hypnotherapy and hypnosis as one of the lead treatments for obesity.


Aims Of The Association

Association of Weight Loss Hypnotherapists Code Of Ethics

All members of  Association of Weight Loss Hypnotherapists will adhere to the code of ethics aligned to the professional
Hypnotherapy Organisation’s to which they are members.

In addition they will agree to the ethics outlined below if they are not included in the organisations ethical standards.

  • Members of the AWLH agree at all times to conduct themselves professionally. Members shall not enter into a sexual relationship with a client they are treating and / or misuse their status to exploit their client.
  • Members agree to make it clear to all clients that will power and motivation are required when working with a weight loss / management client.
  • Members will show respect for clients at all times and adhere to their professional organisations code of ethics.
  • Members will not promise cures or guarantees for weight loss / weight management at any time before, during and after working with a client.
  • Members agree to take action in accordance with the complaints procedure of the AWLH with regard to the behaviour of other members of AWLH.
  • Members will present evidence of qualifications, membership to professional organisations and insurance verification when required.
  • Members agree (with the expressed permission of the client) to inform a clients GP of the proposed undertaking to work with a client when a client presents with clinical depression, history of psychiatric illness and / or associated mental health issues.
  • Members agree to maintain strict confidentiality unless exceptional circumstances should arise.
  • Members will never contradict the medical advice of a clients medical practitioner and will respect the integrity of other health professionals at all times.
  • Members will consider the best interest of their client at all times and where appropriate will recognise their limitations for treating a client where in such circumstances they will refer to the client to an appropriate third party.
  • Members using client information for publicity or other purposes will seek the clients express permission first.
  • Members will ensure that they are in receipt of professional indemnity insurance at all times of being a member of the AWLH.